Monday, May 14, 2012

Adding to the List

I thought I was doing fairly well on my UFO list. Just plugging along and thinking this is very do-able. Then we moved college girl into her new apartment. Fun, fun, and cute, cute! However, her beloved quilt I made for her does not fit her new bed. She is sad. She seriously considered getting a twin bed just so the quilt would fit. :) Then Mama said the magic words: "No, get the double. I'll make you a new quilt." She can use the original quilt over the couch in the living room.Well, its really a futon because she's a college girl...on a budget. I feel needed. LOL.

So, while debating and texting and searching and emailing patterns back and forth, I began to scribble and a new list of new quilts to make was born. And of course I want to start on them right this second. :)

1. Whiz Kid (perfect name too!) This is a free pattern on Connecting Threads here:Whiz Kid

2. Modern Granny Square (I'm caving and y'all are to blame)

3. Summer House (I bought 4 layer cakes of this on sale and love it, but have yet to settle on a pattern. That is the hardest part of this process for me. I'm so indecisive.)

4. Jacob's Ladder Scrappy Quilt (almost made one of these for college girl. I read that the pattern is known by many names and Wagon Tracks is one of them. Fell in love with the pattern and the name)

5. English Paper Pieced Scrap Star Quilt (I do not need to start another EPP project, but I cannot resist the diamond stars)

6. Fabric Fusion (found this in the Feb 2012 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting) May use the Summer House Layer Cakes if I can make them work for this one. Added bonus is combining 2 things on my list. Oops! Looks like college girl chose this one!

7. Picnic Quilt (I've had 20 FQ of Farmer's Market from a few years ago and really want to use them) Thinking of using a wonky square pattern.

8. QOV Zig Zag Quilt using the Whiz Kid Pattern (am I going to get tired of making 1/2 square triangles?

9. Bought Peanuts fabric and need to decide on a pattern...seems to be a theme with me. Also saw that they are coming out with a Christmas version. Yep. Probably need some of that.

10. While  searching for college girl's quilt I fell in love with this zig zag quilt too. It uses flying geese. Blues and browns. Yum. It can be found here

College girl's Fabric Fusion gets top billing though. I've been pulling the few fabrics I have that I think will work.
 I am going to have to make it a lot bigger. I seem to do that a lot. I think some modern fabrics will be cute in this and that calls for some shopping!

I already started cutting for the QOV Whiz Kid quilt. I'm probably not using orange although I am strangely drawn to this quilt and I wonder if it has anything to do with the orange. :)
 I'm a Texas A&M Aggie.

Orange is not allowed. LOL.

 If I have to make one with orange I will make it for friends who are diehard Longhorns. I love them dearly, but I have this one itty bitty ornery bone, microscopic really, that will make me put one tiny piece of maroon in it. I'll have to buy orange fabric in secret otherwise I may have my diploma revoked. Oye! I just added another quilt to the list. Someone stop me!


Sallie said...


Suzy said...

Wow Karin, your quilt TO DO LIST is making me feel a bit lazy! Love the quilt college girl picked out, so cute and it would be stunning in some of the Amy Butler fabrics, very mod. You are a sweet mom to make her a new quilt. I'm working on one for my daughter who is getting married in July.
Good luck with that list of yours! Happy Quilting.

Deanna said...

It isn't a triple digit number (yet) so you are good. Have fun!

Denise :) said...

I love your list! And I had (HAD) to laugh at the commentary on orange...and adding that tiny bit of maroon. For me it would be orange as well, only I'd add in that tiny piece of crimson. Or maybe it wouldn't be so tiny...!! Either way, orange, whether it's Florida orange, Auburn orange, or Tennessee orange, is NOT allowed!!

The funniest thing about that is, I've had a real love affair with orange in my quilting lately. Rut roh! :)

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