Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner and Wearing out a Rotary Cutter

Whew! Is everyone tired from dashing around blog land and entering giveaways last week? I want to thank all of y'all who stopped in and put your name in the hat and a special welcome to those of you who joined up with the dirt road crew! I'm thinking if y'all all came to visit in real life, we sure could get a whole lots of fence built around here! LOL. I always tell everyone we work hard, but we feed well!

So on to the announcement! I put all of your numbers into random number generator and in the blink of an eye it spit out  # 11  . So in this case, spitting is good if you are # 11 who happens to be:  captainsharmie   who said...

i LOVE coffee! it was being in university that got me hooked. at first it was just during midterms, but now? every day at work. sometimes my boss will even bring me one! and i got jamaican and brazilian coffee for Christmas this year, and boy is that stuff good!

So congratulations! I love that name! Sounds like a superhero - :) I'll get these out to you on Tuesday!

On the sewing front, not much to report, but I have been cutting up a storm. I cut out the pieces for our daughter's quilt. The largest piece is 3 1/2 x 5 and there are a lot of 1" strips...a lot for this quilt which are not pictured:

And since I have some new projects in the works, I figured I might as well cut some for them as well. If I handled a piece of fabric and it was red, cream, or blue, I also cut a 5" strip for a QOV zig zag quilt. That stack of neutrals is over 6" high. I think I'll be making more than one!

 If it was blue or brown, I cut another 5" for another zig zag quilt.

If it was a cheerful color, I cut a 2 1/2" strip for a colorbox quilt.

That left me with a really dull blade. I don't know why I always wait until my rotary blade is as dull as a butter knife because whenever I do replace the blade, I realize how nice it is to cut with a sharp blade.

 Now that I've got lots cut, let's go sew!


Doniene said...

Congrats to captainsharmie!! You're right, Karin, she must be a super hero!! Wow, girl, that is some cutting!! Can't wait to see the results!! You know, I've bribed with "good food" and fence building, but alas...just end up doing it myself!! LOL!! have a great Sunday and Memorial weekend! Blessings

Anonymous said...

i wish i was a superhero! i guess you could say i'm working on it.

thanks so much for the lovely win. these will be lovely for my kitchen.

what a pile of cuts! today I changed the blade of my rotary cutter for the first time... i didn't realize that the reason it didn't work properly anymore was the blade! today i cut a bunch of scrappy blocks down to size and it was such a blast. gotta remember to stock up on blades...

Deanna said...

Whew! Keep that blade sharp. Congratulations to the winner. She is sure to enjoy those potholders.

Sisbabestitches said...

Wow that is some cutting done! So looking forward to seeing what you make with all these.

NaomiG said...

COngrats to the winner!!

That is A LOT of cutting. You know that you can sharpen your blades by rolling them repeatedly over a folded piece of tinfoil? I wouldn't say they're "fresh from the store" sharp when you're done, but they do work much much much better.

Karin said...

Congratulation to captainsharmie!!!

Oh WOW - it looks like you were in the cutting mood. All pretty looking fabric!

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