Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let the Scrap Jar Star Stitching Commence!

Staci and I have been incognito when it comes to our Scrap Jar Stars, but, never fear!  They have not been abandoned to the land of UFO's.  After a week of no sewing, I was eager to get back behind my machine. Cities and crowds stress me out. Now that I am back on the dirt road, I can breathe and  after some time with DH, and the lawn mower  - big news! It rained almost an inch here at headquarters and I actually have something to mow! - , the construction of the Scrap Jar Stars has once again commenced:

And you too can join in on the craze right here at Amber's .

 The hst's were paired up:

 the corner units were next on the list. 120 corner units to be exact. So Staci and I rolled up our sleeves and dug in.

Pop over to Staci's and see her progress. Seeing  her  flat seams on everything she stitches made me twist her arm and share her secret. Her piecing is perfection and I have now discovered the magic of Aurifil thread and open seams.

Makes for crisp, flat seams so I bow to the Flat Seam Queen in gratitude.

Yes, I know. They are not very exciting to see, but they are a vital part to the block and having them all stitched and pressed means that we are now in the home stretch for SJS and watching these happy stars come together will bring me much joy.

 Joy is something I need in my life today. I have spent too many days on the phone with tech support for our Internet service. We;re going on 4 weeks now and I don't know if I am getting anywhere. I finally have Internet access although it is 3 am. At the moment I have a new modem that has been shipped to me free of charge because I was so pleasant (or so I was told) which I am now being told I don't need. I have been in touch with India and Florida on multiple occasions for long hours. I have used up all of my cell phone minutes. I have been told time and time again that my patience and sweet disposition are greatly appreciated, but the sweet disposition is reaching it's limit. Hence, these:

are no more. 

Today I was told that I am a precious, delightful creature. I don't feel like a precious, delightful creature today, but let's just go with that.


Staci said...

Love it! Who told you the "precious and delightful"? Was it India? I hope it was DH!

I want those cookies! I'll look for them next time we go into town!

And your corners are HST's are so PRETTY! Don't you find yourself smiling every time you look at them?

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

did you have to, really???? Here I was enjoying all your quilty loviness, glad you have your machine back, enjoying flat seams, new type of thread I've heard about but not tried, all interesting, am feeling bad about your internet dilemma, then there it is..........
smooooooth creamy, minty andes chocolate.......and in a cookie form to boot........oh my mouth is watering!!!!!!! oooooooh. Karin Come on I live 35 miles from civilization, not going to town until the're killing me, LOL!!!! On another note I sent you an email about my scrap jar stars, will be thinking about minty things all night (I ate the last 2 of my minty girl scout cookies yesterday that I've been hiding since they came(only eating two or three here and there.) lol

Kristie said...

Oh I bet you can't wait to start assembling your blocks! Can't wait to see more of it. are precious and delightful! :)

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Deanna said...

Cookie therapy is cheap. Sewing therapy is, too. Looks to me like you are making great choices.

Quilter Kathy said...

Lovely! I can't resist...I must join in!

Darlene said...

OMG, OMG, look at your terrific pieces parts. I can't wait to see more, more, more!!!

Judy Laquidara said...

Your piecing looks so perfect. I saw those Andes mint cookies and I passed them up but now that I know that you've indulged . . I'll probably have to buy some for myself.

My disposition turns pretty sour pretty quickly when my internet goes down. Thank goodness Vince can deal with it and he generally knows what the folks are talking about where I know NOTHING except control/alt/delete.

Good luck with the internet and the quilt!

laverne said...

So glad you got some rain its trribly dry here in North Texas.Those cookies look yummy!
I'm lucky on internet i guess-local small town phone company!

JMF said...

love your quilt blocks can't wait to see it all sewed together! I will have to look for the cookies too.
As for the time on the phone I always find my voice gets louder and LOUder and LOUDER when I can't get them to understand and give me an answer that makes sense. So good luck and praise the Lord we got a little rain this morning too.

bertiequilts said...

I am hoping to start my SJS this week... I have been cutting charms like mad for the Curious Quilter charm swap... which I am going to use some of them for my SHS... I need to start cutting some of my white backgrouned and yes, I will be using Aurifil... the only thread I use on my machine for quilts... I do like the looks of the open seams so think I will probably do them also

Amber said...

ooh those cookies look so good. good job on your progress! keep it up!


Shelly said...

Sorry to hear you're having internet troubles. That is so frustrating. Who needs that kind of stress? You've made me want to get back to work on my Scrap Jar Stars. Trouble is, I'm not being near as organized about mine, so that's making it more difficult!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Do you have Wi-Power or another provider?

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