Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Up -Tabasco Pickles!

This morning I went out and mowed as soon as it was light enough to see. I mowed fast. We have a big yard and it only took me an hour and 15 minutes this morning. I knew much of the rest of my Sunday was going to find me in the kitchen and I wanted to get that done. Since I'll be cooking for a couple of weeks y'all will probably be getting recipes. This isn't really an official recipe since you already start with pickles, but it's a favorite around here. I've been making these for about 20 years and there's no telling how many batches I've made. These are great with barbecue so I probably should have posted them at the beginning of the summer instead of at the end, but we eat them all year long. Since our pickle-loving son will soon be home (everybody cheer!), and I'm feeding lots of boys, I thought I would mix up a batch.

A new bloggy friend (Hi Pauline - waving!) sent me a yummy sounding recipe for something else this morning and she wrote: Rice vinegar and a little cider vinegar is a good mix,unless you were weaned on a pickle and like it sour. 

I laughed because that just might be the case with our boy who loves all things sour. As a baby, he once grabbed a lemon slice and loved it! And pickles? Whooeee - that boy loves pickles. When he was 1 and we were spending Christmas with my in-laws we had what is now referred to as 'the pickle incident'. My MIL kept out a relish tray and as people walked by they would nibble and refill the various empty spaces. Finally my SIL said, "Who keeps eating all the pickles?" No one fessed up and really that entire family loves pickles, but the culprit was  discovered as soon as it came time to change diapers. LOL.

Probably not a good idea to mention 'diapers' and 'recipe' in the same post, huh? Oh, let's live dangerously - be brave. These are really good if you like a bit of spice.

The original recipe calls for a gallon jar of pickles, but I'm making a smaller batch because this is all they had. This is a little over 1/2 gallon:

Dump out the pickles into a colander. Mine is 29 years old from the dollar bin on the Air Force Base - it works.

  You'll need about 7 garlic cloves, 2 1/2 oz of Tabasco, and 2 C of sugar.

Cube the pickles:

And toss a couple handfuls into the jar:

Then add about 1/3 of the sugar:

A few cloves of the garlic:

And shake 1/3 of the Tabasco in:

Repeat in layers

Pop the top on and then roll:

Now did y'all NEED 9 pictures of this not-really-a-recipe? I think not, but there they are. Then just keep the pickles in the fridge. Take the jar out once a day and give it a good roll or two. In about 7-10 days, they'll be good to go. They've got a little sweetness and a little spiciness - the perfect combination. DH just walked in and glanced at the screen. He said, "That sounds like you."
What can I say, although I'm not even remotely this cute. :)


carol fun said...

Oh I need to try this for my pickle loving son (the youngest one). Sounds similar to a spicy dilled green bean dish my uncle makes that he loves.

And I bet that you are sweet, spicy and cute! Good luck with all that cooking!

Denise :) said...

Hey, this sounds good!! I'm going to have to give this a try. Your son's love for sour makes me smile -- Sawyer will suck on a lemon wedge for hours, and not the teeniest pucker! Hope you've had a good (albeit busy) weekend!!!

laverne said...

Going to have to make these!Your blog is my favorite,always happy to see a new post.Would love to get more of your recipes as you cook for the cowboys.Grew up on a ranch in North Texas and really miss it.Praying that you start getting some rain.We have had some but sure could use some more-sold my few cows a little over a year ago and hoping to buy back soon.Would love to read about hoe you and DH meat,been praying for your sons safe return.

ytsmom said...

MMMM! They sound tasty.

Susan said...

Thanks for the yummy sounding recipe. We used to be able to buy tabasco pickles but no more. So I am going to give this a try!

Pauline said...

This sounds really good! I L♥VE Tabasco, all the flavors. My DH would have laughed if he had seen me writing down your recipe at 4:30this morning. Dills are already on my list. "Weened on a pickle" is what my grandmother said about my Dad. They had to hide the vinegar bottle or he'd sip it until it was all gone! You're welcome to the expression. You can also drain sliced dills and jalapenos and pack the jars with sugar. After a week or so you have sweet pickles and what we call neutered (but still hot) jalapenos.

Darlene said...

Oh My - they look yummy but way too spicy for me. You did make my mouth water. LOL

Nancy said...

Dill pickles are by far my favorite, but I may have to try your not-really-a-recipe pickle.

Mara said...

My husband would love those, now if we only had really good pickles in Greece.

Staci said...

LOVED the diapar story! Cracked me up!
I've never had a spicy pickle! And I never knew you could dress up a store bought pickle!
You are just teaching me all kinds of things today!

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