Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christmas Through the Year: September

Being tethered to the kitchen, has put a damper on my sewing this month, but I'm not complaining. I am enjoying spending my days elbow deep in bread dough and soapy dish water. The windows are open, the music is playing, and I am dancing my way around my tiny kitchen. Lasagna is in the oven. I am giving my potholders a workout this week. Every time I grab them, they make me smile. I made a lot of these last year and I hope that those of you who have them are using them!  Deanna created a monster when she shared her tutorial for these last year and y'all are probably tired of seeing potholders, but I made more. :) It's time for the Christmas Train to pull into the station again.

Darlene (pop over there and link up your gift) and Cheryl (check in here for some great tutorials for fun gifts) are manning the engine and shaking their pom poms to encourage us to jump on board. Making a Christmas gift each month has been such a good fit for me. I now have 9 gifts in my box that I would not have if it weren't for their monthly nudging. Thanks girls!

I added 3 more sets to my Christmas box this month:

I made this set for one of my dearest friends for Christmas:

I'm not a huge floral person although I love wildflowers, but as I was making this set, I decided I need a floral quilt. That means shopping will be taking place because this pretty much consists of every floral fabric in my stash.

And this set is for the sweet girl over at North Camp. She loves to cook so I'm thinking these may come in handy - another western set:

And one more set for my Mom, who when  I first told her last year that I was making potholders told me not to make her any because she had enough to last her longer than forever. When she saw the ones I made, she changed her mind. :) So she gets a wine set. :)

And no, I have no plans to supply every kitchen in the world with potholders :) Come to think of it though, I have a wedding to attend next month and a kitchen basket needs a set of potholders! :)


Deanna said...

You are truly the ruler of potholders! More beautiful varieties--the floral is my favorite. I think I spot some columbines in there, the state flower of Colorado, where I grew up.

Denise :) said...

And Judy will need some for her new kitchen, too ... perhaps even several sets, one for each season? And thank you for telling her that gate shopping was fun! :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful mug rugs! Are they so much fun to make!

Staci said...

Love the western ones best of all! so cute!

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