Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smiles from a Mailbox

I love my mailbox. Poor thing looks a little worse for wear and a bit forlorn. Perhaps a new coat of paint next spring will spiff it up a bit. After all, it has treated me well and it deserves a little TLC. It sits at the end of my dirt road and brings me such lovely things!

I have been remiss in sharing these treasures and it seems appropriate that I do so with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

I have been blessed to meet one of my blog readers, Doniene who blogs at Now it's Just Quilts and one day I was completely surprised to find this darling mini at the end of my dirt road:

It is a sweet reminder of my beloved Texas and a precious new friendship. And look at the back!

I LOVE that feed sack backing and her beautiful hand quilting!

 Then one day a package that included this darling, darling little bag. Every single day I use this little container and although it brings me much joy, it also whispers, "Shame on you for not posting me on your blog".* Hangs head* A dear friend sent this to me in a birthday package and I'm confident that she won't rat me out about how long I've had it. :)

It is weighted at the bottom and it could not be cuter. It has denim and selvages and polka dots - what's not to love?! Although I think it was initially intended as a thread and scrap basket, and I have used it as such, it has also held clothespins, and finished hexies, as well as my chocolate stash:

It's always where I can see it because it makes me smile. Thank you so much T - you are a treasure!

Then I had these gorgeous socks arrive one day out of the blue and they were accompanied by this medicinal chocolate!

 Carol from The Polka Dot Chicken sent these just in time for Fall Cow Works which really does require medication long about day 8! These are my happy socks and happy socks are made for this:

Bed jumping is for the child as well as the child at heart! :)  Thank you so much dear lady - I am over the moon and when they are not on my feet, they sit on my dresser because I can not bear to put them away in the drawer. :)

And one day a big box arrived. It would not fit in my mailbox so the mail carrier left it by the cattle guard and when I opened it, I found the entire set of these lovely, lovely books from Denise.

I am hoping that the winter is long and cold because I have a lot of reading to do! This bookworm is very grateful for this delicious stack of books - thank you sweet friend!

I wish all of y'all could just gather around my dining room table and let me feed you. It's what I do when I want to show people how much I appreciate their kindness and generosity. Thank you so very much!

I will be spending the winter wrapped in a quilt, with my nose in a book, a slice of Texas by my side, with warm happy feet, dining on chocolate from my pretty bag, and giving thanks for ALL the people that God has brought into my life - not just the ones that give me things! LOL. I've got it made! :)


Denise :) said...

Oh what sweet happies to find in your mailbox! I couldn't help but notice the dark chocolate M&M's ... have you ever tried the dark chocolate *raspberry* M&M's?!? OHGoodness!!! Your little Texas quilt is quite darling -- I love the feed sack backing! How cool is that?!? *hugs*! :)

Mara said...

It is great getting packages in the mail.

Nancy said...

What wonderful treats to enjoy!

Nancy said...

I love how your friend used the feedsack for the back of the quilt. What a fabulous idea! I have some old ones that will be perfect for a scrappy quilt. Congrats on all your nice gifts. And I love your mailbox just the way it is!
Nancy from joy for grace

JMF said...

Lucky you!! I have been giving my mail lady a work out too. My packages are Christmas presents so not as fun as if it was for me:) I put a pumpkin bar in the mailbox for her as a thank you for all the boxes she has to drag to my house!! Have a Blessed Thanksgivng.

Staci said...

You have had a lot of happy mail!

Now I think I need a special place for my chocolate stash.

also, I need a chocolate stash.... =)

rosie said...

What a very lucky little love you are!! Our mail box needs a paint too but, we live too close to and Ag. College- the college students can't abide shiny painted mail boxes and tend to destroy them in some way!

beth said...

You're blessed with some wonderful friends! Love that mailbox!

Doniene said...

Karin, another one of your posts that didn't show up on my reading list!!! What a wonderful mailbox!!!! But your treasures are even more so!! I'm glad you liked the little quilt!! But if it was me - the chocolate takes first place!! LOL!! I love Thoene!!! Haven't read this series yet!! It is definitely going on my reading list!!

Blessings, sweet friend!

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