Thursday, November 1, 2012

New fabrics, new project, and a few bargains for a non shopper

Last week I drove 75 miles to my favorite quilt shop. I make it to the shop about twice a year and I manage to do a good amount of damage. When I got home, the house was empty and there was no one to share my treasures with! I'm thinking y'all will be a little more interested in my acquisitions than DH will anyway. He's very sweet, but I can't very well expect him to get excited about my fabric purchases. He just grins and gets a twinkle in his eye.

We have a friend who we shoot with out at the trap range who is battling cancer and I visited with a fellow shotgun quilter (I don't think there are too many of us around. LOL) about making him a quilt. She knew immediately which pattern would be perfect and we began to plan a course of action. Thus, my reason for making a fabric run. Like we NEED a reason! :)

Gail chose a pattern from this book:

And she loves applique so she will piece the center panel and change the bear into elk:

 and I am in charge of these fun trees:

So I immediately raced home and began to pull possible shades from my bin of green fabrics:

I had no idea I had so many gray-green pieces! It must have something to do with my love for my dirt road and my camo-hunting-fishing-camping-loving family I saw a lack of variety in my overflowing bin and started counting back to my last quilt shop visit - 6...7 months. Yep, it's time. :)

Alas, greens were not the only thing that caught my eye. I was in search of a backing for my Scrap Star Jar Quilt:

But now that I have it home, I'm not sure. This may or may not be part of the reason I have a stash. :)

My orange collection is sorely lacking and I have some pumpkin projects in mind...for next year

A fallish/Halloweenish quilt will be in the cards as well:

DD saw this and said it would make a darling pillowcase and that she still liked holiday pillowcases. Hint. Hint. So next year will be the year of the pillowcase for her. I send her care packages on a regular basis so I'll tuck a pillowcase in each one.

 I did manage to find a few greens to brighten up what I had for the trees and I think I'll be able to make it work:

And a few very fun fabrics for a secret project:

Then I popped in at Alco. For those of you who do not know, Alco is a dollar store kind of establishment. I am not a shopper, but I have found some really cute decorations there and this trip was no exception. I picked up these washcloths for a few baby projects. $2.99!

I found these two signs that I had to have, but I have no idea where to put them. 10 bucks.

Then this basket did not have a price marked and it was the only one.

 They rang it up at 50 cents! I thought it would make a cute gift basket, but since it was the only one, I'm not sure I can part with it. :)

And that concludes my shopping for this season. Purchases of fabric online are exempt. :)


Doniene said...

Oh you grand shopper you!!! Way to go!! Lovely purchases and can hardly wait to see all the finished projects!!!


Margaret said...

What fun you had shopping! I'm not a shopper, either, so I can relate to the excitement of finding fabric you love (when I say I'm not a shopper, that excludes fabric stores, of course). I will be very interested to see what your Eleanor Burns quilt looks - I have that same pattern book and love it, though I haven't made anything from it. I hope your friend's health improves - she is sure to love your quilt.

Pauline said...

Great selections! I l♥ve those cute Christmas trees, I think I'll incorporate them right away in one of the quilts I'm doing. Will also look for that book "Bears in the Woods." Isn't it fun to have so many fabrics to choose from!

Nancy said...

You found some gorgeous fabrics for future and current projects.

I love the idea of a pillowcase in the care package. I might steal your idea. ;oD

Wonky Girl said...

Your friends are so blessed to have you. The "Elk" quilt is a wonderful idea.
I still think a red or blue star print from Connecting Threads will be a good backing for your Scrap Jar top. ;-)
Hope Cracker is better today!

JMF said...

Funny I was shopping for fabric the other day too. Mostly for aprons tho.
I like to stop at Alco when we go visit our son and his family. Be sure and show what you do with the wash cloths.
Have you ever heard Chonda Pierce speak? If you get a chance DO she is a christian comedian sooo good!!

Janet said...

Looks like you had a fun trip and a successful fabric shopping one. The quilt will be awesome. I would struggle finding very much green in my stash. I just don't buy green and yellow fabrics for some reason, so if I need them I have to buy more fabrics. Love the little basket. We have an Alco about 35 miles away. I didn't know you had them in your neck of the world. Love the little Halloween cat fabric and candy corn fabric is a fav or mine. Happy sewing!

Denise :) said...

Oh! Y'all chose a great quilt for the gift -- I love the panels with the trees and the moose/deer(?) and the hoof prints! You did get some fun purchases -- that basket it AWESOME! It would be pretty filled with something special and wrapped in cellophane, wouldn't it? With a fun bow?! Holiday pillowcases sounds fun -- love that vintage Halloween print! And I think the fabric your picked for your scrappy stars is awesome -- however, if you feel the need to shop around a little more and come up with some alternatives to audition, that would be fun, too. LOL! I can enable with the best of them! :)

Quiltn Mama said...

My DH's standard answer is 'it's fine' so I've just quit asking too. 6-7 months between quilt shop visits?! GASP!! I must go shop on your vicariously through me!!

Deanna said...

I like the proposed scrap jars backing myself. But, that quilt is so wonderful anything would probably look good. I am so going to make one someday.

Staci said...

What a fun quilt you'll make with your friend! You must be excited to get those threes going.

I'm about 85 miles from the quilt store. But I go a lot more often than you do.... *wink, wink*

Had a giggle over your comment about the Scrap Jar backing-- yep, that is how stashes are born and how they grow. Done that more than a few times myself!

Love your bright fabrics. So curious to see what that little critter peeking out is.... mysterious!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

I'm heading to KS next week to visit my quilting dau. We do a north central Kansas shop hop all of our own making. There is an Alco about 35 miles south of her in Abilene. They have discount fabrics and by looking closely, I've found some bargains for backings. We'll not miss a visit to the Material Girls quilt shop while we are there.

Would love to hit a quilt shop or two with you and listen to your reasons for buying this or that. All can be rationalized... LOL.

I really like that print Halloween fabric, too. That candy corn looks yummy!!!

It's so fulfilling to gift someone with a quilt, especially if you have said prayers for the recipient.

Shelly said...

I must be way too tired. At first glance, I thought you said you pooped at Alco! We have an Alco here, and you're right, they have some good bargains! Nothing to poop on!

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