Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Tummy Full of Grass Will Cure What Ails Ya!

First off I want to send my thought and prayers to all of you who are being affected by the storm on the East coast. Y'all stay safe - it sounds like it was a rough one. I feel kind of guilty for posting photos with blue skies and shirt sleeve weather.

One of DH's favorite horses has been feeling a bit 'off'. DH thought he might have 'tied up'. Tied up horses develop pain and stiffness in the lower back, and thigh muscles. They can simply cramp up or in more serious cases,  muscle destruction occurs and the urine turns dark with myoglobin, a component of muscle cells. His urine was dark so we were concerned. Electrolyte concentrations can also be a concern if a horse has been worked, but Cracker had been turned out for a couple of weeks. DH put in a call to the vet and to his brother who is an equine vet in Texas, and while we waited for a return phone call, I haltered him and let him graze in the only available patch of green grass on the ranch:

 I was wondering where the grass seed I had spread in the yard had disappeared to. Looks like the wind transported it across the lot, but I will gladly give up a green lawn for this guy:

DH was shoeing yet another horse:
He does this a lot:

He's studied it at length, for years,and this is often his evening reading material:

I think he has earned a back rub. My back hurts just watching him:

And Cracker and I enjoyed the cool air and kept DH company. There wasn't much conversing taking place as it is difficult to comment or grin when you are storing nails in your mouth:

Cracker chowed down on the fresh grass and ate..well...like a horse. :)

He's such a sweetheart:

We gave him a shot of Bute as well as a cocktail from the vet as well as all the green grass he wanted and he seems to be on the mend

 although I am certain he wants out of this pen...

Which is a good sign:


Nancy said...

Spotting ailments in animals requires a keen eye and an acute understanding of their habits. It sounds like your husband has both. I hope that Cracker improves more every day.

Love the photos of your husband shoeing.

Judy Laquidara said...

He does look like a sweet horse. So glad a little grass seems to have been the cure he needed. I'll try to remember that next time I have a tummy ache! :)

I never tire of seeing the pictures around your place.

little apple tally said...

Good looking animal. Though I'm betting DH likes him for some reason beyond his looks.

Denise :) said...

What a handsome fellow he is ... glad he's on the mend! Shoeing is a tough-on-the-back job! I think you're right about that back rub! :)

Denise :) said...

Oh -- and Judy's comment made me LOL! :)

Doniene said...

Those special ones - well, we'd do just about anything!!! Shoeing is not a job for the timid - very hard work - I can barely trim one!! Glad you have a little green grass - praying for rain for you and us! And less water for the east coast!


Karin said...

It´s called "Kreuzverschlag" in german. Can be real painful for the horse. I hope Cracker is getting well very soon - he is such a pretty horse.

I only trim hoofes.... and yikes sometimes I walk like a 90year old after that. So, defently a back rub for your hubby :)

JMF said...

Hope Cracker feels better. I wish more people knew how much we worry about,and the care we give our animals.

Staci said...

So glad the horse is feeling better! I hate to see any animal in pain. He's lucky to have you two watching out so carefully for him!

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