Monday, October 22, 2012

Oops...Wrong Turn Fella!

Yesterday I went out to gather the eggs and while the chickens squawked and chattered incessantly about the fact that watermelon season was over, I heard a quiet rustling in the weeds. First thought... rattlesnake because when you live out on ranch, that is always your first thought. However it was only this little innocent fellow:

Poor thing!

He had somehow gotten himself wedged between two layers of chicken wire. I searched for where  he had entered, but couldn't find a single place he might have squeezed in.

I confiscated DH's wire cutters while he was doing this:

And went back to release the poor caged thing.
And after a few snips, he was free:

And we had a little discussion:

He doesn't look one bit thankful, but he may just be put out because he didn't appreciate having a camera shoved in his face:

Ah! Much better:

And yes, I did put a cauliflower leaf next to him for his dining pleasure.

Yesterday I wanted to rescue a pigeon at the farm store.

 DH just smiles, but he has done his share of rescuing.

Hauling feed and water out to a downed cow in the middle of a pasture for days on end.
Bringing in a newborn calf on the front of his saddle when the Mama had died.
Carrying a soaking wet calf into the house during a raging snowstorm and drying him with towels and a blow dryer.
Handing over a runt kitten he had discovered who won't nurse.

His rescuing only makes me love him more.


Staci said...

Awww, what a nice post!
Glad you could help out that little fellow! He must have felt pretty frustrated when he got stuck!

And it was probably best you didn't rescue that pigeon....LOL!

Darlene said...

That little guy was definitely glad to be free and I'm sure he was starving, as well. Ya dun good! LOL

Judy Laquidara said...

How sweet of you two!

Saska said...

Got me to thinking of all of the strange things that farm-life bring us!

Pauline said...

Awww! I love it! Thanks for sharing this.

JMF said...

Glad it wasn't a rattle snake! We have them in western SD but not in eastern where we live! I think farmers and ranchers are natural rescuers:)

Sisbabestitches said...

Awww how gorgeous are you two! Turtle (tortoise?) is such a darling!

Karin said...

I`m glad you found this little fellow and were able to help him out. It would be interesting how old he is.

Chris said...

Great rescue!!!

Denise :) said...

Yay!! Another thing we have in common ... rescuing turtles!!! Only the last one I helped rescue from a cage was a snapping turtle. He'd tried to get to our minnows in the minnow trap and ended up getting stuck. Needless to say, I got my hands (or camera) no where near his face and I did not leave him cauliflower. Hmmmph. LOL! I *did* on the other hand, rescue a box turtle from being squished when I delivered him from the middle of the road a month or so ago! I did touch him *and* stick the camera in his face. Alas, he did not get cauliflower either. :)

Doniene said...

Life on the ranch!!!

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