Monday, May 13, 2013

Winners and Water

Last week was a whirlwind.

Monday was town day.

Tuesday, my neighboring ranch wife friend and I drove to Lubbock to meet up with M (who is missed) for a visit that was long overdue. So glad we were able to sneak it in before things got insane.

Wednesday, DH helped the neighbors and he left out at 4 am. Makes for a really long day.  I mowed and worked in the garden all morning, and then we spent the afternoon feeding cattle.

Thursday we had to haul the feed truck to our mechanic, Mark. I told him that we're here so often that he needs to add us to the family tree. DH fixes most of our feed truck woes, but these old feed trucks are just about give out. Then we got a call that our new trailer was ready so we made a run to Texas to pick it up.

Friday I cooked for a friend recovering from surgery and made a trip to town to deliver food and hugs. Our girl was coming home on Saturday so I grabbed a few groceries, picked up a quilt from Jackie, and dropped off another one.

Last week's giveaway was certainly busy in blogland. I didn't have even a minute to jump in on any of the fun, but I've got winners to announce!

Lot #1 goes to:

Blogger CathyH said...
I love to do the binding! It's the LAST step and indicates I may soon have a finished project. I sew the binding onto the right side by machine and then enjoy touching every inch of the edge as I handsew it to the back. Thanks for the giveaway. I love to read your adventures!

Lot #2 is on its way to:

Blogger Abbigail said...
I like to hand bind my quilts to while I'm in front of the tv.
Oh if you pick my name I would love #1 and then #2 prizes! Just in case! LOL!

Lot #4 is headed to:

Blogger Ali said...
Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am one of those people who hates binding, but I'll go machine binding over hand binding anyday, You folks who enjoy it always make me shake my head in wonder ;)
and Lot #3 was won by:
Rocksteadyemme has left a new comment on your post "It's Giveaway Day!":


love lot #3!

I'm a machine binder! 

So congratulations to all of you and I want to thank each of you for taking the time to comment and put your name in the hat. Sounds like we have lots of new quilters! Yay! And some of you really hate to bind your quilts. LOL. I've contacted all the winners and will get your packages out next time someone heads to town

And I'm ending this post on another very happy note:

Yes, we had a bit of rain! 0.2". Not a lot, but around here, it is worthy of a jig and a whoop!

And a rainbow!

Or two!


Dorian said...

Congrats to your winners Karin. And woohooo to your rain!! Every little bit helps.

Carol said...

YIPPEE you got some rain! Beautiful rainbows! I'm exhausted after reading your post...that was some week!

Hilachas said...

What a busy week you had. Wears me out just reading about it. Beautiful rainbow. Congratulations to all the winners!

Judy Laquidara said...

You have been busy and I'm so happy for your rain and your beautiful rainbow(s).

Dar said...

Congrats to your winners and boo hoo I was not one. lol. Glad you are getting the much needed rain. You can have some of ours too!

Julie Feldhaus said...

Congrats on the rain!!!!!

Cindy said...

Thought I felt the ground shaking - it was you doing the Rain Jig. LOL

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