Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Christmas Through the Year and a Care Package

I almost didn't get a gift into my Christmas box this month, but I managed to stitch up a few of these grocery bag holders using this tutorial from Jeni. Kind of seems like a funny thing to give as a Christmas gift, but I like practical and I think this is one of those things you really don't think about because I've always just stuffed the plastic bags into a plastic bag from the feed store and it hangs behind a door. I think one of these along with a set of potholders adds a bit of fun to something ordinary.

And I just now thought that you could stuff it with fun kitchen gadgets to give as a gift and use the grocery bag holder as the wrapping. Just tie it off with some pretty ribbon and you're good to go.

I'm linking up with Kim over at Lily Patch Quilts this month. Each month this year she is hosting this great program so make something for your Christmas box this month and then hop over at the end of the month, link up and see what everyone else is making. There are some great ideas being shared. Thank you Kim, for cheering us on!

I made 3 of these this month, and yes, we have moose antlers in the dining room.

The wind was blowing again and they made the perfect place to hang these for a photo.
2 are for the Christmas box, and one went into a care package for our college girl:

Monkeys because I know they will make her smile.

Finals week has arrived and a care package will hopefully be a bright spot in an otherwise stress filled week. She gets chocolate, because what is Finals week without chocolate:

 And a Snoopy Pillowcase because we love Snoopy:

And a comic book because she and her brother liked these many moons ago:

And her favorite licorice and dried fruit and mixed nuts:

A few new toys for her 2 kitties since she is spending all of her time studying with her nose in a book:

And Scooby Snacks for that additional Scooby power!

Along with a package of gummy bears so she can take out her Organic Chemistry frustrations by biting off their heads:

One should never run out of Gummy Bears when taking Organic Chemistry at this particular school.


Julie Feldhaus said...

What a great care package!!! We have a buffalo head in our living room so I hear ya on that one:)

Nancy said...

You assembled a great care package for your daughter! I'm sure she appreciated all the treats.

Libby said...

What a "sweet" care package!

Alycia said...

Thats a great care package!! Love the grocery sack holders!

Vickie said...

She's gonna be a happy girl when she opens that ! The gummy bears probably WILL come in handy ! LOL

Cindy said...

Your DD must love you. Nice grocery bags and I love the idea to give them as a gift with kitchen gadgets inside. If only I could remember that idea when I need it. lOL

Kim said...

That is one great care package! We can't get enough Nutella in our household.
Way to go with your finishes!

Amy DeCesare said...

Those are great gifts for your Christmas box! I think the care package would be a great incentive to go back to college next year, too!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

YOU are a really blood mom!!!!!

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