Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Getting It Done in April... and May's Not Looking Much Better

April was a good month, not a good sewing month, but a good month. Well, as good as a month can be without rain. Sigh. I'm betting y'all just wish we would get rain so I would quit griping about it. :) Pray harder...please.

These were my goals for April:

1. Piece the leftover blocks from our girl's Gypsy quilt into a Baby Gypsy quilt, and make binding. - Didn't touch it

2. Piece the main blocks for the Three R's Quilt - Cowboy Style Quilt (Photo from Riley Blake and Shelly) - Nor this

3. Make 10 more blocks for my Granny Square quilt - I actually did get this one done and prepped 28 more. Small whoop.

4.  Baste and Quilt Haley's Wedding Quilt - I chickened out and ran out of time so I took this to Jackie. 

We'll be working cattle in May so I doubt I'll be making it to the sewing machine much, but I'll punt and make a list.
1. Piece the leftover blocks from our girl's Gypsy quilt into a top, and make binding:

One item's a list, isn't it? :) 

I'm linking up with Judy so pop over there and see how productive everyone else was in April. 

I'm going to need more than good intentions to make May a productive month.


Doniene said...

Yes, a list, though it be short!! LOL
We, too are still extremely dry - been working in the garden, sigh, have to decide what to plant or even to plant!! I'm not doing a list this month - whatever I get done well, that's what I get done!


KaHolly said...

We do the best we can, and looks like you did pretty good. Sometimes in the spring, life just kind of gets in the way of sewing!!

Denise :) said...

Yes, one item is a list! You were productive for April -- good job! Don't take your accomplishments lightly, right?! Praying for rain for y'all. Is there a season/time frame when rain is critical for crops/livestock?? :)

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Sending up prayers for you to get rain. I know it's critical for you all in NM. We have 5 days in a row of predicted rain. I'm traveling next Monday and hoping for dry roads. I don't mind driving in the rain, it's the idiots that drive like it's dry that worry me.

Keep making lists, girl, and eventually you'll get'r done!!!

Nancy said...

One item on the list gives better odds of completion.

I hope you'll share more of your delicious recipes as you prepare meals for the branding crew.

Cheryl said...

It's hard to believe with our rivers at flood stage, and the creeks overrunning their banks that there is a rain shortage anywhere. Last year we had a drought, this year we've hit the third highest rainfall in April on record. I'll pray, it worked here.....

Janet said...

I can't imagine going without rain as long as you have. The snow we received melted and was sucked right down. The pastures are dusty again already. I'm praying for rain for you and us! If only we could distribute it evenly for everyone to have enough and not too much. lol

I have missed sewing this month too.

Nancy: said...

My goal in the next couple of days is to finish a couple of small sewing tasks and then get the rest of the sewing room completely packed up. We are moving the last weekend of May after 32 years in this house and 52 years in this community.

Carol said... item on a piece of paper is a list. April sure zipped by.

Pauline said...

Never make a list. List control you. Be spontaneous do not feel guilty! You,(WE)know all about all the little projects that need doing, so just do them if and when you want to. Forget guilt trips. Get out one item, leave it in the way, you'll get it done.
Hey girl, I'm doing your chicken salad this week. Can't wait.

Wonky Girl said...

Ah well, best to think of what you did get accomplished vs what you did not. No fun when quilting feels like a grind, eh? LOL

Michigan Gal said...

Praying that a rain storm comes your way and keeps you inside to sew. Double win!

By the way, I love that turquoise fabric for the binding on the baby quilt.

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