Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the Road Again

Warning: Snakes and a photo of DH giving a cow a shot are included below. Thought I'd give you a heads up in case you'd rather not see that. :)

I imagine many of y'all are on the go much of the time, but although we're always busy here, we're HERE. I don't like leaving the dirt road, although I like it very much if it means we get to see one of the kids. Since our boy is currently deployed in Japan and floating around on a ship somewhere, our girl was the one we made a quick trip to see. She is working at an equine breeding facility and that means that spring break for her isn't much of a break. She worked 70 hours that week. We ran up to see her on Saturday and took her her horse. She says that her life improves immensely when she has her horse and with the days getting longer, she finds time to ride almost every day.

We stayed Saturday night and went to a sports bar to watch UFC fights with her. Logan showed up with his brother and his sweet wife and another friend, Luis, and we all skootched together to watch the action:

 We splurged on sports bar food which was really yummy, but made us feel not so good the next day. We were really tired and sluggish and yes, we're blaming it on the food.

We drove back home on Sunday in ridiculous winds that had been blowing for days. I had cleaned the house as best as I could and I was looking forward to coming home to a clean house, but once again, my kitchen windowsill looked like this:

And the dirt was clinging to my windows. There were a few...a VERY few raindrops that came through, but nothing ever even hit the ground. It was all horizontal due to the lovely winds. This is dry, caked on dirt:

Very thankful I had not cleaned my windows. :) The week before I took this shot:

When it looks like this, it means it's covering every flat surface. But, around here, it's what you expect when it's spring in New Mexico so you just laugh, clean it up...again because you know how blessed you are to be living this life.

On Monday I went in to work, and I had 3 extra passengers. Not sure if I ought to post pictures or not, but we have a friend who is a taxidermist and when we were at the safari banquet he had mentioned that he could use a few rattlesnakes. DH has been running across them and 3 of them made the trip to town with me on Monday:

DH laughed when he looked at my grocery list and said he wondered how many people have lists that include:

Take snakes to Phil.

Today is Thursday and DH has 4 more for Phil. They are worse than kids. The men, not the snakes. :)

We ran through the sale fast and I was done by 12:30 so I grabbed the other 2 clerks and took then to lunch as a thank you for being so kind and patient with me. Then it was time for errands and it was 7 before I got home where DH was bringing in a cow that had been snake bit so we ran her into the chute and doctored her before turning her out into the pens on hay:

DH has been studying this for the past week:

  It's a bull sale catalog and on Tuesday we drove 3 hours north for the sale:

It was another crazy wind day. The winds were 60 mph, and that's sustained winds, not gusts. It was NOT fun, but we came home with 6 pretty boys.

Here's hoping I won't have to leave the ranch again until Monday morning.


Dee Dee said...

I remember spending vacations in Oklahoma and attending the rattlesnake festivals. Seeing all the snakes that were caught, the awards given out and eating rattlesnake. My uncles, cousins and dad all participated. Personally I like snakes, gave my granddaughter a corn snake 7 years ago for her 5th birthday and Courtney (the snake) is alive and well. Love hearing about your life, thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Every snake you took to town is one less snake at your place! Right?

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

That's what I call an interesting week. DH would have to promise me a whole bunch of fabric to haul snakes. I'm learning to tolerate the king snakes around here because I've seen them eat copperheads. Just insert a shiver right here!!!!!

Nancy said...

Gosh, you've had a busy time lately. Ugh to the snakes. Beautiful daughter. Interesting cattle catalog. Sorry for the dust but your red window sills are beautiful. And I love how you call your new bulls "pretty boys." I hope you get to stay home till Monday, too!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Forgot to tell you that the waffles were INSANELY delicious!!!!

Alycia said...

Ick Ick Ick.... snakes!!! ick!!

So glad your girl got her horse though!!

Dar said...

I had a really busy week too, but nothing quite as exciting as yours with the snakes and "pretty boys". Your daughter looks as if she is really enjoying herself. And she's riding one handed! lol

laverne said...

Your girl looks mighty happy to be horseback!Looks like a barrel saddle ,does she run barrels?Glad she is able to have him at school with her.I know you and DH really enjoyed getting to see her.Some of the dust like you get blew through here the other day,sure makes the sky look funny.I sure perk up when I see a new post from you,sure miss ranch life.Praying that Ill be back in it someday

Denise :) said...

How do you treat a cow that has been snake bit? Just shoot it full of anti-venom? How do you *know* if a cow's been snake bit? CRAZY! I'm glad we don't see rattlers here. Glad to see that the triangular shaped head is there. I do believe I'd be worried about it springing up out of that barrel, though!!! :)

Lavern Bevers said...


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