Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I had to make a trip to Lubbock last week and I took a detour from my destination and wound up in an antique store. Funny how that happens. I had so much fun browsing the aisles. I never take the time to meander like that. I'm always on a tear when I'm in town, trying to get out as quickly as I can. :)

Wish I had thought to take a picture of the store. I could have spent a couple of days in there. I was looking for some shutters. No luck there, but I did find something I simply could not resist. I think that's what happens in these stores:

I'm normally very level-headed and I don't make purchases on a whim, but in this instance, I didn't think twice.I just love the detail on the top:

And the way the little cast iron top slides open to receive the beans:

And the little dovetailing:

Do I NEED a coffee grinder? No. In fact, although I love the smell of coffee, I can not stand the taste of it. However, this little coffee grinder now sits in my dining room cabinet and its rather silly how much it makes me smile.


I am always entertained by the things that catch my eye in these shops.  This sign made me chuckle:

Of course I can't pass up a closer look at a sweet quilt:


A collection of children's books caught my eye as well. I love children's books.

And this display was set up like a vintage pharmacy:

I was also entertained by this book:

I almost bought it because I thought it would make for fun reading. I just flipped to a few pages and I was highly entertained by the entries I read:

Servants? I cannot imagine. :) AND a governess?

A children's nurse?

I think we could lump all of these titles together, tack on a few more, and I think the proper name would be Mama. :)

This paragraph made me chuckle loud enough that the owners walked all the way to the back corner to see why I was laughing. I just love the way it is written.

After an hour and a half, I had to drag myself away and tackle town, but I thoroughly enjoyed stepping back in time and my little treasure will remind me of a simpler time. I wish it could talk because I know it would have a story to tell and I would love to hear it.

I wonder if it would scoff at our so called progress:


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

I enjoyed your post this morning! love the coffee grinder.

Hilachas said...

What a wonderful trip you had. It's always nice to take time to "smell the roses" or coffee in this instance. I enjoyed reading about your trip.

Nancy said...

I loved this post, and enjoyed reading the excerpts from the book. The coffee grinder is a gem, enjoy!

Lavern Bevers said...

Neat old coffee grinder.I thought I was the only person in the world who liked the smell of coffee and cant stand the taste!I have actually never set foot in a Starbucks.When Im in the local city,Wichita Falls,I am always amazed how many people are in the drive through at Starbucks no matter the time of day.I was stuck at a light once and started counting and then when i got to turn kept counting-13!And that wasnrt countingthe ones that got through the line .I often wonder if they like the over priced stuff that much or if they do it because its the trendy thing to do.When I do look at fb there is always someone having to post a picture of their starbucks cup.That kind of stuff keeps me from being a huge fb fan though I will go to certain friends pages to check in and got in touch with relatives i havent seen in years.I do have ti=o say that i have read some very funnny posts from the Brock Vet clinic at Lampasas.A girl i know who is in vet school is a huge fan of them.I cant wait to hear about your new job.Can you post your recipe for thr o henry bars?Pretty please???They look yummy!
Gotta brag ,got some more rain!Easter Sunday had a quiet day at home with rAIN!Got about .8 sure w wonderful.Some folks about 30 miles NW had 2.5!Hope the old saying is right about if it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain the next 6 Sundays!Prayin for you to get some.

Judy Laquidara said...

Love the little coffee grinder! Like you, I love the smell of coffee but not the taste.

Glad you were able to have some down time and enjoy the little antique shop!

Michigan Gal said...

So fun! I love that the owners came to find out why you were laughing. :)

My mom has a coffee grinder from her grandparents--I wish I could hear the stories that instrument could tell.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

So you stand at giggle at things, too!! That's good to know if we ever go shopping... LOL!! Cute coffee grinder and now it has a good home!

Pauline said...

Great find, you must learn to love coffee now and put the grinder to work! Try one of the flavored creamers. You could get "hooked." That not a bad thing to have in the mornings, and, I hear a cup a day is actually good for you!

Vickie said...

I did what you did in a shop in downtown San Angelo recently...it was fun ! I bought some vintage buttons.

NaomiG said...

Oh I LOVE this! A getaway that included a solitary wander at an antique store used to be my go-to alone time. I think I need to make that happen again. I am pretty sure I couldn't have resisted that book. I love your purchase though! Those on-a-whim purchases are the very best kind.

Sarah said...

Love the old coffee grinder. My Dad has one in the shed! They used to use it to grind the grain before they put it in a moisture meter to see if the crops were ripe. Might go find it and rescue it for my house!

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