Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Manicure for a Ranch Wife

I'm not much for pampering. I consider a haircut every 6 months a treat. I like a no maintenance hairstyle and truth be told, it probably looks more like a mop than a hairstyle most days. But a few weeks ago,  I received a gift certificate from a friend for a manicure. She thought I needed to experience something new. LOL. I figured I could give it a shot since I had a wedding to attend. It was quite the experience for me.

I just had a french manicure and it didn't look bad on my short, fat fingernails.Our girl noticed it when we were at the wedding and she piped up, "Well, look at  you! My Mama's growing up!".

Needless to say, it didn't last long. I came home and ended up with my fingers in the dirt:

 My fingers are always happy when they are in the dirt. :)

Picked wild plums for jam:

Long about day 3, I helped DH clean out a water trough:

Not sure horn wraps and shuffling cattle helped matters any

Moving a pile of firewood pretty much convinced me that my hands can mess up a manicure in no time and manicures belong on someone else's fingers:

Now that I think about it, I probably could have just worn gloves for everything, but it seems things just pop up suddenly and gloves never cross my mind. So thank you for the gift - it was very thoughtful and I really did try to make it last. Pop on over in the next few days and I'll make you that pie you like - let's see how long THAT lasts! :)


Staci said...

Well, it was glamourous for the wedding, right?
I've never had a manicure, either!

M. E. Stephens said...

Hehe. My mom tried to keep her own nails looking nice, but she got her hands "dirty" all the time with so many things. I'm blessed by my mom's work worn hands. They remind me of what a hard worker she's been and how many, many things she's done for her family. My dad's too. Somehow they taught me by example that work worn/stained hands are a good thing. It's something to be attained in my experience, not be embarrassed about. :-)

Nancy said...

I loved this post and the photos. Manicures are nice, but my practical (frugal) side doesn't see the need.

Nancy said...

I'm like you in the pampering (unpampering) department. I'd never think of a manicure for myself (and have never had one).

But your mention of gloves brought back a memory which will show my age. When I was a child, probably until about the age of 10 or 12, ladies who went out always wore gloves -- to church, to a party or an evening out, to a department store. I don't remember them wearing gloves for work, at least neither my mother nor grandmother did. My mom did the best she could to keep her hands looking good but I know those gloves hid all the ill effects of hard work. These days it would look very strange to wear gloves for dressy occasions.

I'm so grateful for hands that can do all kinds of work! I think yours look wonderful in the dirt, Karin!

Dorian said...

Teehehehe Karin! I hate wearing gloves, my dh has tried and tried to get me to wear them when I help outside, but I just cant' do it. A manicure would never last long here either. Can't wait to see your pie recipe.

Chiska said...

I love hands, especially working ones. I think they're beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I had one done once.. when J and I got married! I wanted to again for Sara's wedding.. but there wasn't time. And as many dishes as I washed, it wouldn't have done me much good! :)

Lavern Bevers said...

Never have had 1 either! Actually have had 2 pedis though.A friends daughter was in beauty school and she had a certain number she had to do .Your nails look great! I never actually thought of a french manicure on real nails-sure see a lot of them with the sculpted nails though

Sarah said...

I think the manicure looks really nice on your hands. I've only had them on a rare occasion too. It's nice for a treat. I don't think we're supposed to sit around and not use our hands afterwards. The more we use them, the more we can admire how nice they do look with manicured nails.

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