Friday, August 22, 2014

Losing Focus

It was bound to happen eventually. I've been so good about working on UFOs and not buying fabric... until now. I haven't bought fabric since September. And yes, I am telling you this so you won't judge me too harshly as you scroll through this post. :)

Since I finished my floral quilt, I decided I needed to make another one and the voice in my head said, "It'll look nice, but it'll REALLY be amazing if you have more variety!". Did I listen to the voice? Of course I did and before I knew it, my friend, Tony, drove up in his pretty brown truck and handed me a couple of boxes filled with these:


Tony is very cool and not just because he brings me brown paper packages. And just so you know - that stack of fabrics also includes the 25 prints that I used in my floral quilt and I just added some variety.

I want to make a simple patchwork flower garden quilt and this is my way of growing a wildflower garden in the desert.

I stopped at Joann's while I was in Texas to look for a particular fabric for a friend and I bought a bit of this for a kitchen valance. I pulled the dot from my stash for a ruffle.

And when I was in Amarillo, I picked up some basics to add to my stash:

And I found this in Amarillo too, but I still need a plan:

 I stopped at 2 quilt shops on my way home from Texas last week and added some odds and ends for various projects at my first stop which was One Quilt Place in Fredricksburg

They had every color of grunge and I was sorely tempted to get into lots of trouble, but I reined myself in and only picked up a few small pieces of other prints for a couple of scrap quilts:

I've been on the hunt for a backing for my Granny Square quilt - I'm working on the pieced borders - and I stumbled upon the perfect fabric at my 2nd stop.

And here's the really exciting part: it was only $3.49 a yard! So I might have come home with 11 yards, but the sashing is such a rich, dark, brown and I think this this'll set off the blocks nicely. It's hard to beat quilt store quality fabric at that price!

More bargain priced fabric at $3.99 came home with me for a Christmas quilt backing and borders and binding:

And I was doing so well! When I lose focus, I REALLY lose focus!


KaHolly said...

You really have the flair for picking out fabrics!! Love all of your choices.

Chiska said...

I hear ya! I've been trying to be careful and then I went home to Alaska and my Mom and I went into a quilt shop...I had to sit down after I left the shop. I have to say though you got some really great stuff. :)

Nancy said...

Fantastic finds! I always look in the clearance section for backing fabrics that I use for quilts of valor.

Judith Blinkenberg said...

I too love your fabric choices. I have not been to that shop yet. I have only been downtown Fredricksburg. The next time I get to go I will definately find this little shop. I look forward to your next quilt.
jlblvn at gmail dot com

Alycia said...

What great finds though! I think I like Tony and his boxes... he has good taste lol

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I'm not good at it either1

Nancy said...

I'm impressed that you bought not fabric between last September and now, Karin. I really, really have to quit buying -- and it's not that I buy all that much. Usually plaid shirts from the thrift store, but still, one can have too many if she's not quilting as fast as she's buying. And I'm definitely not.

The fabrics you chose are beautiful. I look forward to seeing them in quilts.

Pauline said...

A quilter needs lot's of choices available when the creative juices begin to flow. Did you get that? NEEDS, not WANTS. We simply can not use just any old fabric for a backing! Or for a new quilt. I think your focus was in exactly the right place. Beautiful choices!

Dar said...

I say if you are going to fall off the wagon, might as well do it in grand fashion. You did just that. Lots of beautiful choices in your quilt shop stops. I am off buying fabric too. Thankfully I don't have a Tony bringing me boxes.

Michigan Gal said...

Love the variety that you got--so much fun to enjoy vicariously. Can't wait to see that valance--it's perfect fabric for a kitchen. :)

You're all set till . . . ?! lol

Vickie said...

You almost made it a whole year, that's something to celebrate and girl I would say you did some serious celebrating !

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