Monday, April 6, 2015

UFO Recap

The Portobello Market Plus Quilt


DH's Wool Quilt

my Summer House Quilt


That's 3 ufos crossed off the list. My 30's Raw Edge Circle quilt is at Shelly's for quilting. Its my oldest ufo. I still need to make the binding for it, but as I recall, I was stuck on that. I just couldn't decide what color to use on such a busy quilt. Should I use a solid?


Charleston Pavement, a pattern from Shelly, is at Jackie's for quilting

as is Holly and Vine


and Christmas Tree Farm


and  my Granny Square Quilt


Last week I pieced a baby quilt using this fabric and I took it to Jackie too.

I just finished piecing The Three Rs quilt, another pattern of Shelly's this week and Jackie will get it on Monday

as well as a top I'm calling Back in Time...I'm working this one up as a pattern.


When Jackie was contemplating quitting her job, she was unsure of whether she would have enough business as a long-arm quilter. One of my co-worker quilting buddies took her 6 quilts last week. I think we have you covered girl!

Sounds like I may be spending the rest of the year binding quilts.

And that leaves ONE ufo quilt on my list! Its this Don't Fence Me In quilt. This is an old picture.


I don't know if its really a ufo or not. I'm not using a pattern and I ran out of the fabric I was using so I'm starting from scratch. This fabric lends itself to a kind of strip or row quilt so that's kind of where I am at the moment.

I am also pulling fabric for a scrappy quilt for our girl's best friend at college - she's graduating in May and our girl chose this pattern by Alison over at Cluck Cluck Sew . So that's moving to the top of the priority list right now.

I don't know why I'm so determined to knock out every single ufo on my list. Somewhere along the line it just became a challenge.

I've got a pretty long list of quilts I want to make though and that means the ufo list won't stay empty for long.


Dorian said...

Great going Karin! It feels good to get so many quilts off your UFO list, huh?!

Tired Teacher said...

Jackie's machine is going to get a good workout! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Debbie Collins said...

I have soooo many UFO's that I quit counting...but I have sworn I will not start another quilt this year until some of them are done. I finished up Sew Spooky at a retreat and nearly finished my Amish with A I have a good start. Was wandering if you could share the whole pic of the chevron quilt, that looks really pretty and was wandering what the pattern was. Thanks for sharing your finishes with us!

Ranch Wife said...

Debbie - you are showing up as a non-reply blogger and I am unable to reply back to you so I am adding my comment here in hopes that you will see it.
It sounds like you are making good progress on your UFOs too! Here's the link for the information on the chevron quilt:

I love the pattern. It uses a layer cake and stitches up very quickly.

Janet O. said...

I'm amazed at all you are finishing up. If you run out of UFOs I can send some over. : )

Lisa Spencer said...

Good morning from Cloudy and cool South Dakota! Hoping to get moisture today, it may come in the form of snow but we need it. You have been busy!! I really enjoy your quilts. Due to the weather (I was going to work in the yard) I am now going to use your Plus pattern to make a crib quilt for our expected grandbaby. Nicole picked out Jade, Coral, and Grays. After that it is back to a few UFOs as well.......Happy Quilting!!

carol fun said...

Oh you make me feel better about my stash of UFO's... last week I worked on at least 4 different quilts... only one got finished and it was the smallest one. I want to get started on the table runners for the wedding but just got a text from the bride that there are 5 more surprise guests and the table arrangement is in flux... good excuse to work on something else!

Love all those UFOs!!

Pauline said...

Wonderful progress! I can just feel how happy you are!
Here's your


Chiska said...

It feels so good to finish things doesn't it? I sent three quilts to the quilter a few weeks ago and I'm excited to think that they'll get finished this year! Great job!

Staci said...

What an accomplishment! You have every reason to be proud as punch!

Beth said...

Wow - you are knocking out those UFO's! Appreciate you setting an encouraging example for my own long list of UFO's. Can't wait for your pattern on Back in Time - I would really like to know your tips of making the floating diamond block. Enjoy your blog - Beth in AL

Alycia said...

Lookat you go!!! I am impressed!!!

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