Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Using It Up

I keep some of my fabric, designated for projects, in these project boxes:


When I'm finished with the quilt, I often just put the leftover fabric back into the box. And there it sits. With bits of this and that and no destination. So, although these are not ufos, I am going to work on emptying some of these.

First up is this box:

The main fabrics are from the Fun Flower collection. I made this quilt with it 4 or 5 years ago

and its time to do something with the leftovers so I cut the remaining flowers into 5 1/2" squares and pulled more odds and ends of coordinating fabrics from my stash. I am thinking of incorporating this black and white dot print for a little pop.

 and adding this coordinating print for a border.


And this print will be on the back. A bit of flower overload, but I hope it'll make a cute quilt and I'll be using some of this up.


I've been cutting and planning according to the fabric I have and what's left will be reabsorbed into my stash, leaving me with an empty box...that won't stay empty for long!

Next up: this box.


 I've still got some of this little chuck wagon cowboy fabric that I used to make this quilt

and I'm tossing ideas around for a second little quilt.

And I've got about 12 of these:

 left over strips from this quilt:

I had a hankering to make some hourglass blocks and used up every last strip, plus one extra fabric - the plaid - from my stash. Result - 64 3 1/2" hourglass blocks that finish at 29" - too small for a baby quilt, but with a border or two, it ought to work.

DH has been helping the neighbors for a few days this week. We've been getting up at 2 am. He always tells me I needn't get up with him, but I do anyway and when he pulls out 3, I can not go back to sleep. so a lot gets done. Yesterday I was at the Sale Barn, on account of Memorial Day, and it made for a REALLY long day by the time we got to bed at 9. Today I've got a ton of mowing to do, but I'm thinking that can wait until it gets light at 5:30. Until then, I am going to sew!


Tired Teacher said...

Your planned projects are wonderful, especially the black dot fabric and the flowers.

Yikes, with those hours, I would be dragging or fall asleep standing up!

Alycia said...

Oh yay!!Free Quilts!!! I love that you are using up all the "rest of the fabrics"

Judy D in WA said...

I'm on the path to empty bins too. Only mine are full of UFOs. When asked if I wanted more project bins I declined. I want mine empty! Love all you have planned.
My husband leaves for work at 4:15. I understand about the not going back to bed. Sure results in some short nights but so much gets accomplished.

Judy said...

Your scraps are so cheery and fun. I am way behind. I can't get up that early, Wow, you can get a Lot done! I don't think ranchers and their wives ever retire but I do like this time of life when I can take my time with house cleaning, laundry, and sewing. I look forward to seeing your scraps come together!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

The flower quilt will be so cheerful!!! I'm trying to use my stash, but you saw the Moda Sanibel.... That was NOT in my stash..LOL!!! SEW on!

Dar said...

Those bright flowers with coordinating prints from your stash will make up into a very cute quilt. I wouldn't trust myself to do much cutting with I got up at 2 a.m. though. It will feel so good to empty out a couple of those bins and have some beautiful little quilts to boot!

Lana said...

Great job! I love all the ways you have cleared out those boxes!!!
2 a.m. is surely early....but I get it...sometimes going back to bed is just a waste of time!

Pauline said...

What a useful stash! I see you bought enough to be able to make some great new quilts. Smart gal!

Julie in GA said...

I have the same problem with bins and boxes full of leftovers from finished projects. I tend to jump right into another project rather than really cleaning up/putting away everything from the last one. I am currently working on two quilts made with the scraps and leftover fabrics from a quilt I made 10 years ago.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish I were this organized! blessings, marlene

M. E. Stephens said...

Love the bright flowers at the top, especially the small floral print! That should make a dandy quilt. The hourglass quilt is really nice too. It will feel so good to get those things put to good use. Have lot of fun! :-)

Staci said...

Some of that fun flowers fabric is lurking in my stash, too, including the panel with the big flowers. Your quilt is perfect! I love that!

Love your hour glass blocks! Smart way to use up those tasty leftover strips!

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