Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Frenzy

It's a little nuts right now. The crew is pulling out this afternoon after they finish working,

but I've got antelope hunters pulling in all day. I don't have to feed them - hunters like to batch - but I'm making a couple batches of cookies

 for them today and cinnamon rolls

on Sunday morning for them and the bunkhouse needs to be cleaned. So this morning I am stripping 6 beds and hauling them to the house to wash. Then I'll haul the vacuum cleaner and steam mop over and get that tended too as well as fix dinner for the crew. Bleach down the bunkhouse bathroom and call it a day! P.S. Today's biscuits were magnificent! :)

I have to make a mad dash to town to meet my in-laws this afternoon. They had gone to get apples and I had put in an order for a box and they are coming into town today. So I'll be peeling apples for days. On a high note - we'll have amazing homemade applesauce to enjoy for the next year, dried apples with cinnamon and sugar will be on the dehydrator before the sun sets


 and baked apples will be on the menu tomorrow!

Good gravy this old gal is plumb wore out after a week of 3:30 mornings and ready for fall. Yesterday it was 100°'s October for crying out loud and these boys come in hot and dried out and down gallons of iced tea at dinner:


Tired Teacher said...

From the look of the one pan of cinnamon rolls, I'd say you have a mouse in your house! The rolls and the cookies look delicious.

I can't bake a biscuit to save my life, but I love to eat them. Personally, I like them better than cinnamon rolls.

Connie said...

100 degrees in October, that just doesn't sound fair.
My hubby is diabetic so we have practically cut carbs especially bread out of our diet (I'm doing it with him, just to make it easiest) I am drooling over your cinnamon rolls. I can almost smell them.
I hope that you can get a little rest this coming week. Getting up a 3:30 is just too early :)
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Dar said...

Whew, I was plumb wore out just reading what all you had to do. Your cookies and cinnamon rolls look scrumptious too. By the way, how do you prepare your apple slices for the dehydrator. Do you just sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon?

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