Friday, October 30, 2015

Helping the Boss

No ranch help means that I am called into action more than usual these days. Poor DH really does deserve better help, but hey...I'm cheap labor! And we've worked together for 30 years so he's stuck with me.

The horses needed a little tlc:

Combing out witches' knots:


And we needed to process the heifers. The pictures aren't great because I'm not very skilled when it comes to moving cattle through an alley, sliding gates, spraying them, and taking pictures at the same time. I always thought I was a decent multi-tasker, but apparently not. DH brought them up in small bunches:

   While I worked the gates and brought them into the alley:

We just run them through the chute, pour on Cydectin and give them a quick vaccination:


And then DH drove them out of the pens:


 about 5 miles to El Tank


where I picked him up:

Happy heifers:


We finished up just before noon and were thankful that there were leftovers for dinner. After dinner, I had a date with the lawn mower. We've had a spectacular year in the rain department and I've spent a lot of time behind this thing. Hopefully I'll be putting it away for the winter after this round. I can't get over how green everything is around here at the end of October.


I am loving these shorter days, but it seems like we aren't getting much done. I guess it makes for more sewing time in the evenings, but I just don't sew once the sun goes down unless its hand stitching bindings or working on a cross stitch project. Speaking of...I haven't done any cross stitching since last winter. I left a project partially undone.


 This seems like a good time to pick it back up. I might even stitch past 9 tonight...unless I'm needed early in the morning. Guess I better check with the boss. :)


Nancy said...

Karin, there are different levels and kinds of multi-tasking, don't you know? There are the mental and the physical, both of which we can usually do at the same time. Like carrying the laundry basket, talking on the phone, and walking up the stairs. Or driving, listening to a book on CD, and noticing road signs. But when it comes to more than one or two physical at the same time, it all goes out the window. (Heck, I can manage about one physical thing at a time these days (because I'm getting old).) And everything on the list you mentioned requires at least one hand and with four tasks going on at the same time you just don't have enough hands. I can't imagine accomplishing everything you do!

The cross stitch is a windmill, right? It looks like you have a good start on it.

KaHolly said...

Oh, my goodness! What a life! I would imagine you are all tuckered out come the end of the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

Tired Teacher said...

Looks like you and your DH have things under control and down to a science.

Happy stitching

Judy said...

I would so much prefer being outside to doing "women's chors" of cooking and cleaning! I would love to learn what your hubby does, and give the injections ( being a retired nurse). It would be a new learning experience! I think you are so lucky to help outside, but feel bad you have to do the inside stuff too. I guess cooking and cleaning for 58 years (started very young about 10) has me wishing for outdoor adventure!!

Sue said...

Karin, I'm not sure where you live, but I couldn't help but think of you today as we drove in a tour coach to visit the Texas Quilt Museum. I'm on a tour with a bunch of Australian Quilters. I live in New Zealand. Ever time I saw a long dirt road to a farmhouse, I wondered if it was you. Isn't that so funny.

Connie said...

My husband's nephew used to raise cattle, up until about three years ago. When it was time for vaccinations, he would round up extra help and my sweetie would go out there and be the chuck-wagon guy. He loves barbecuing for large groups. I would go and help with breakfast and then by afternoon Steve would have ribs ready and when the work was done we all kicked back with a nice dinner. I miss those days and I know that my Steve does, too :)

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

You are exactly what God planned for a hard working man....a good helper. You both are blessed.

Our green lawn is covered with brown oak leaves. DH will mow when the last of them come down and allow to remain as mulch. That's what happens when your home sits in the woods. LOTS of leaves. I'll rake a lot for my Jack Russell's pen and inside her her cave.

Enjoy the weather as winter will sneak up on us.

Alycia said...

I find your idea of multi tasking and mine might be a tad different lol - You did great! Love your green grasses ;-) and a little jealous of them. Enjoy the time change

Denise :) said...

Wow -- that's the kind of busy that makes you sleep soundly at night! LOL! We are seriously considering getting two calves (our neighbor keeps cows and would allow us to put them with theirs) for a little organic, grain-fed beef in the year or so that follows. I *won't* be naming them, if we do! :)

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