Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just in the Nick of Time

Whew! Christmas festivities are in full swing at the end of my dirt road. My mom flew in on Tuesday and poor thing hasn't left the kitchen sink since she stepped foot in the door. We made all of our favorites which include Oreo truffles, dipped pretzels, Rolo Pretzels, Sugar Cookies, and my favorite - Gingerbread Cowboys.


And since the kids were babies, we've always made my Sour Cream Cranberry Pound Cake for a Birthday Cake for Jesus:


We were unable to make our annual trek to the mountains to cut a tree this year and 2 weeks before Christmas, there was not a tree to be had in town. DH said we had a bumper crop of tumbleweeds so we went in search of the perfect tumbleweeds.


Have y'all heard of The Tumbleweed Christmas Tree written by Andy Wilkinson and performed by Red Steagall? All I can say is that we failed miserably. I had to sit in the bed of the truck and hold on to the tumbleweeds while DD drove and then we couldn't get them in the door. And can you say stickery?! We did get one in the door and it wouldn't fit in the corner of the living room and we had to drag it back out. Needless to say, we'll be finding tumbleweed stickers in the house until the 4th of July, but we gave it the old college try.

DH smoked 52 quail for dinner today


and I am telling you that it was the best thing we've ever eaten and yes, we do say that every time he smokes quail. :) While my mom and I were baking, our college girl spent an entire hour prepping the quail:


They each get a slice of jalapeno, wrapped in bacon, and dusted with a smoking rub. Best. Dinner. Ever.


And as good as those quail were, it's going to get even better. I make a smoked quail soup with the rest of the quail and I've been informed that its everyone's favorite meal of the year. I wholeheartedly agree! The weather has been unseasonably warm this December, but according to the weather experts, we're in for a big change:

See those lows?! And that's in town. We'll be up to 10 or 12° colder here. I'm looking forward to the first snow of the winter on Sunday though! You can bet we'll be snuggling a little deeper into those quilts when we get back from making feed runs!

Our boy will be here in a few hours and we'll head to church for Christmas Eve services before going out to eat. We're all on the fence about eating out. We know its going to be hard to top those smoked quail!

I know y'all are all busy as cats in a room full of rocking chairs too, but I think I'm just in the nick of time to pop on here and wish all of y'all a very Merry Christmas from  here at the end of the dirt road.



Nancy said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a house full of family during the holidays, and especially at Christmas time. I hope you and your loved ones have joyful Christmas, Karin.

Lee said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, tradition, uniqueness for your Christmas. Love the idea of those cowboy gingerbread cookies! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

LaVerne Bevers said...

Merry Christmas! Hope the feed wagon has a good heater! My boss and his wife are heading out to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon.Supposed to get really cold here with moisture , dreading 20 miles of bad roads to their house and then another 10 on to one of the pastures.Praying that it doesnt get that cold! Those quail sound yummy by the way.LOVE the gingerbread cowboys also!Glad that your mom and the kids are there. Are yall still without a camp man? Sounds like a busy winter! Great picture by the way!

Terry said...

Sorry about your Christmas tree adventure but Have a Merry Christmas anyway! the dinner will make up for it.

Tired Teacher said...

When I was in 6th grade we decorated a tumbleweed for the classroom, so your experience brought back some happy and funny memories.

Delighted to hear that both your son and daughter are home this year and that your mom is there, too. (Love the photo of you and your husband and the one of your daughter.)

Merry Christmas

Shelly said...

Merry Christmas, Karin!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Your post was just like a Christmas card from home!!!

allthingzsewn said...

Last kid and grands just left, a good Christmas had by all here. Hope it is the same for you and yours, looks like it.
That pup is really growing, pretty.
Be safe and warm.

Judy said...

I wish you a most wonderful Christmas to you and your family! We have snow here in California! Lots of it up here at 3400 feet heading to Nevada. God is so good!!

carol fun said...

Merry Christmas Karin... we did a brunch this morning and are doing our big meal on Sunday so my son and DIL could go to her parents house today. A quiet evening with my younger son and Big Dude and I'm very happy... hope 2016 is a wonderful year for you and yours! hugs - carol fun

Dora, the Quilter said...

Everyone I've ever met who decided to have a tumbleweed Christmas tree has discovered horrible allergies. I'm glad it didn't work out for you to experience those.

We are bracing for the approaching storms including the blizzard warnings the ABQ weather people are predicting. We will consider ourselves fortunate to be able to stay inside.

Merry Christmas!

Dar said...

Your Christmas dinner and all the sweets sounded wonderful. Loved the pictures of the little quail getting prepped.

I know your Christmas was very Merry and Here's to a Wonderful, Happy and healthy New Year in 2016.

We are getting lots of rain, but no snow YET. I'm sure it's on the way though.

Chiska said...

Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Thank You for all you share here. It is always wonderful to see what you have been up to. I saw snowbows I guess you would call them this morning as I went out to thaw the chickens water, along with the sparkling air that comes with the bitter cold weather we have had on the tail end of piles of snow. Seems like the interstate is closed every other day. Winter is definitely here! I am so grateful for the beauty that balances the inconviences. All the best to you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm trying to catch up a bit on my blog reading and just saw your quail - how delicious they must have been! blessings, marlene

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