Saturday, December 5, 2015

The First Week in December

We rarely work cattle in December, but we gathered a small crew to brand a few late calves and process some cows for a few days.


 That put me back in the kitchen.
Thursday's menu was Steak Tampequena, mashed potatoes, corn, taquitos, salad, and rolls, and I made Cajun Cake for dessert - recipe posted here: Cajun Cake.


Then I went easy on myself on Friday and made stew with french bread rolls and leftover cake for dessert.
Our mornings are a tad frosty around here this time of year and I felt sorry for the boys when I dropped them off to gather cattle in 17° as I headed back to a warm kitchen:


The sale barn Christmas party was last night so we dusted off our social skills and dancing boots and two-stepped the night away. We used to do that a lot and it was still fun.

I'll have a crew again on Tuesday. Menu to be decided. :)

I've been packing away fall and pulling out Christmas boxes as time allows. We are a real tree family so it doesn't get put up this early, but I'm making progress in the Christmas hall-decking.


I want to finish up a few quilt tops before I put my stitching up for a few weeks. We just have too many family and friends staying throughout the holidays to keep it out. Well, we can never have TOO MANY friends and family, but the house will be bustling.

I did manage to make the 24 extra blocks for my Ginger Belle and get it pieced.


I thought I was done, but I forgot about the borders that completed the design so I had to dig fabrics back out and do some more figuring, cutting and stitching that included making another 72 4-patches:


Hope to have this one ready to hand off to Jackie next time I get to town. It ended up being 108 x 108. Just how many king-sized quilts does one family need?

As I've set this to post, I'm either hauling hay from the barn floor to the chicken coop or bouncing across pastures making a feed run with DH... or sneaking in a nap! :)


Connie said...

Wow! Do you ever rest, girlfriend? Being a cowgirl is a busy life, but I'll bet that when your head does finally hit the pillow, you are out like a light :)
Happy Holidays!
Connie :)

LaVerne Bevers said...

Are you still without any camp help? Gonna be busy trying to keep stuff fed this winter! That makes me wonder ,what did yall do for help when yall went to Africa? I know it want winter feeding , just the day to day stuff,including the cats ,dogs and your sweet pet hens!

Dorian said...

Glad you're keeping busy Karin! LOL. Do you ever take time to sit down and rest? I feel so very lazy after reading your posts :) Can't wait to see the entire quilt you have posted here. Looks gorgeous!

Judy said...

Your quilt is going to be so amazing. It looks so country and the colors will brighten any king size bed! I finish another also and will work on squares I have ready to be pieced. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was busy and too short. Love my family visiting. Have a Blessed Christmas Karin and be safe. Enjoy your loved ones.

Janet O. said...

You are one busy lady!
The cake looks delicious--and so does that quilt. Love the cozy look of those warm colors. Wow, it is big! I have only ever made one king size. I'm currently working on my second.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Please send me some of your energy--you are one busy productive woman. One can never have to many quilts

Pauline said...

First I got to make that Cajun Cake. I made the Texas sheet cake for Ken's BD and even though Sunday night is "ice cream night" we finished of the cake so now we can have your cake Tuesday. 2, love your colors on that quilt! If it got down in the teens this early in the year, I'd be making more quilts. That one's going to be stunning. I hope you'll post a picture of the finished quilt. I passed on all my Christmas decorations to gran kids when I moved here, so my only decoration is a big red poinsettia on the dining room table. I miss the decoration, but am glad not to have to dismantle and store it before the 1st. Yes, I wonder too who took care of your animals when you went to Africa? Take care friend and get plenty of rest.

Valerie said...

Care to share your recipe for Steak Tampequena? I have one that calls for a marinade of the traditional (and not so traditional) components; is that the route you take?

Joyce across the Pond said...

Hi there - naps are permitted when you arise at 4 am...augh!!!!

Could you tell me what weight is a stick of butter - I'm in the uk.....and....we love pineapple and coconut big time so have to try out this's got to be moist, very moist even....reads very well!
Joyce in Northern Ireland.

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