Monday, November 23, 2015

What I've Been Up To

My sewing time is about to come to a halt for a while, but its for a good reason. Our girl and her pup arrived yesterday and have settled in for a week:


Good thing he likes a bath. He's discovering all sorts of treasures around here:


 She even brought a delicious apple pie she had baked the day before. Her Daddy loves apple pie and he loves it twice as much for breakfast!


We've been spending lots of time putting out mineral:

Searching for cattle:


And filling up the hay shed:

Hubby brought home a deer on Saturday. He found him on the north side of the ranch and was able to stalk 10 yards away from him. That's close! He said he was making too much noise so he took his shoes off and moved in closer to him for about 70 yards in his socks through the sand burrs and mesquite. Then he hobbled back to his shoes and pulled the burrs and thorns from his socks. :) So we dined on tenderloin that night and will be putting the dehydrator to work making jerky for the better part of a week.

Then we had a cake calamity in the kitchen:


And yes, that is the way it came out of the oven. Do not ask me what happened. I have made 300 of these through the years and alas, this one was a total loss. Our girl said that we needed to mark the occasion with a moment of silence.

I don't know if I'll ever get that pan clean again and we won't even talk about my oven. I am so glad that I keep aluminum foil on the bottom of it. I had to redeem myself:

On the sewing front, before our girl came home, I managed to get all the blocks pieced for Ginger Belle, squared them up, and stitch the top together:


and then I decided, yep, you guessed needs to be bigger. So back to making blocks. In order for the design to stay balanced, it needs two more rows both vertically and horizontally. These are 15" blocks so that adds 30" both ways. Perfect for a king sized bed.

I had this in my stash that'll work for a backing:


And I will be making a scrappy binding, but it'll have to wait because we are going to soak up the essence of Thanksgiving this week even though we'll be missing our boy and hoping he'll be here for Christmas. I don't know if I'll be popping in between now and Thanksgiving so I wanted to wish y'all a blessed one. We've been enjoying such a pretty autumn this year. This morning it was 16° when DH went out. I am going to hang onto autumn as long as I can.



Tired Teacher said...

What a sweet puppy face!

Oh my, that was quite a cake disaster. I giggled at your daughter's "moment of silence" comment.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your daughter's visit.

Judy said...

I have put an air mattress in my sewing room. I have my three children, their spouses, and my 4 super wonderful grandchildren!! It's going to be so wonderful! I have bought all the food. Wish we had a buck in our fridge!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Take care my friend!

KaHolly said...

Enjoy your visit and have a wonderful Christmas!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Enjoy your time with your girl:) Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Lisa Spencer said...

Granddad Albert always said Pie was just as good at Breakfast as any other meal. And a pie is always good when made with love by a daughter. We had an early holiday with our family this past weekend. It was lots of fun and I hated to see them go, the time went too quickly. Love that new grand baby to pieces. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Janet O. said...

You have had plenty going on!
Your Ginger Belle quilts looks great (as does your pie--the first bundt cake, not so much, but the second looks yummy). : )
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Dar said...

Some great shots of the family and ranch. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Pauline said...

So glad your girl made it home with doggie, he's so cute. As for the cake, can you blame the baking powder again? Hope you didn't throw it away, you can crumble it up and use as a topping on ice cream! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ranch Wife said...

Lisa - I'm fairly certain that's where Gary gets his love of pie! There must be a pie gene in the Hebbert family and it runs strong! :) I'm so glad y'all were able to spend some time loving on that sweet grandbaby! Those are precious times together - wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving too!

Vickie said...

Many interesting things in your blog.....what strikes me most is your husband taking his boots off and walking through the stickers ! Now that's pain endurance ! Believe me I know how much they hurt, I live in sand country and curse those things on a daily basis.

Denise :) said...

Your girl's puppy is soooo sweet!! The apple pie looks phenomenal, too!!! Wow! Fun post!! :)

LaVerne Bevers said...

Thats one cute pup!Kinda behind on commenting but have been enjoying all of your posts.Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.Hope both kids can make it in for Christmas.PS Getting more rain here.The folks I work for feeding see to the yearlings on weekends since he is off work.Pretty sure he hasnt fed because of teh rain ,I may sink Monday.Thankfully they are on TALL klein grass(over my knees !)A yearling man posted on facebook tonight that we had too much rain-said he hated to say it but...prayers that yall are getting some moisture

Wonky Girl said...

Your cake was not a total loss, if you fed it to the chickens. Bet they would pick the pan clean, if not send it to me. I have a big poodle girl that will lick the finish off ! LOL

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