Sunday, March 20, 2016

What I've Been Up To

Ya'll probably wonder, if I'm not sewing, what in the heck am I doing with my time?  I've asked myself that same question. I'm certainly not blogging - or spending any time on the computer for that matter. The days just seems to be flying by. I've been spring cleaning. Spending lots of time out in the garden.  I didn't have a garden last year with our trip to Africa, and I'm itching to hover over growing things again this year


The days are gradually getting longer and I find myself soaking in the incredible desert sunsets. No matter how busy the day is, skies like this tend to stop me in my tracks, give thanks and praise for God's hand in every aspect of my life, and savor the moment:


. Tis' also the season for bull sales:


Many hours were spent studying the sale catalog weeks before sale day:


And taxes...BOO, and enjoying baby bovines...YAY, as we make our feed runs.


As well as praying for rain because DH is spending too many hours in the feed truck and he's more than ready to stop making feed runs:


Our days at the sale barn are long and its between 8 and 9 in the evening before I come home. That leaves no time to run errands after work, making it necessary to drag myself into town for another day during the week.

DH and I are organizing our Africa pictures for a program for the Safari Club


I'm still pinching myself that we were really there.

We're also plotting out our branding schedule and after a month, I finally managed to finish stitching on a binding so I'll have a quilt to share in the next day or two, but my sewing machine may be about to walk itself  down the dirt road, out to the pavement and see if some poor soul will take pity on it, pick it up and actually use it.


Nancy said...

You've been a busy lady, Karin, even if you haven't touched your sewing machine for a while. It will have its season, too, one of these days. Love the photo of that precious calf, and the sunset is gorgeous!
--Nancy. (,

Unknown said...

Been missing you! Lots of green greass here in North Texas.{raying yall get rain!

Terry said...

Oh that poor poor machine. It must be pretty lonely. But the other work must get done. Hopefully you'll be back at it soon.

Janet O. said...

Too bad nothing is going on in your life!! : )
You are one busy (and dare I guess "tired"?) lady!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Sounds like you all need longer days! Love the Baby Bovines ;-)

Unknown said...

I am retired and I need longer days too. Take some time for yourself too.

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