Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Works: Part 1

This last week we weaned the Corrientes. 5 long days that started early and ended late, but the cattle are in good shape, the pastures are green and everyone stayed safe. Seems like ya'll always get pictures of the boys riding out before sunrise:

But the air was crisp with the promise of fall and I never tire of these desert skies. After I had hauled them out to West Bull, I scurried back to the kitchen to clean up after breakfast and get started on dinner. I try to get everything done efficiently on the off chance that I can sneak out for a few minutes with my camera if they happen to be working around the house:

And a few minutes is about all I get so I snap pictures with wild abandon

I was a long way off and hoped that my camera would yield some decent shots

The boys gathered and sorted::

Teamwork is always the name of the game:

No doubt humans and horses were tired at the end of the week:

Everything gets run into the pens:

Under the stealthy eyes of our resident storyteller:

 And funneled into the alley:

Where the ground crew dispenses the medicine: 2 shots and pour-on:

The weaned calves then settle into the pens with plenty of hay for a few days where we keep a close eye on them.

We always pray that we don't have any get sick. It's a little noisy for the first day or two as the calves bawl for their mamas, but soon peace and quiet reigns over headquarters once more:


Nancy said...

It's always interesting to read your posts about your ranch work, Karin. Hard work, I think! Corrientes are a breed or an age or...? Are the calves permanently separated from their mamas at this point? That little guy/gal in the last photo looks a little uncertain about the whole business. I like the little tuft of hair at the top of his head.

Janet O. said...

Beautiful shot of the silhouettes against the evening sky. Looks like you have a good camera--you caught some really nice photos! Love that last one. What a look. : )

Tired Teacher said...

Working with cattle, especially calves can be an adventure. I'm happy that all went well.

Love the photos!

Scrap and quilts said...

I appreciate you taking the time to share a piece of your life with us. So interesting and different from what I live that it is fun to read ... and see. That first picture is awesome. I'm starting to love desert skies too. How many "humans" were herding? It's got to be a lot of work for you too. So many calves. Hope all are healthy. The last picture is so cute. "Hey, Human! What have you done with my Mama?" Thanks for sharing. ;^)

Kevin the Quilter said...

You do realize I live vicariously through your blog......I would love to live on a ranch with so many animals!

Alycia said...

Beautiful captures!! Love the silhouettes!! Glad all was good and the weather cooperated for you!!

Denise :) said...

I love cow faces. Whew! This is really quite a lot of work, isn't it? Grateful for those who chose to ranch and farm. Grateful for you -- and your willingness to share the process, too! :)

Ruth said...

Storyteller's hose looks small with the long blue-jeaned legs on either side.
Thanks for the photos! they are a nice set of cattle working shots.

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