Sunday, June 4, 2017

One Quilt Place

I've got another peek into a quilt shop for you today. Fair warning: there are lots of photos, but it might even inspire some of you to make road trip plans.

One Quilt Place is located in Fredricksburg, Texas and if you've not been there, it's worth a trip. Fredricksburg is a little German settlement town, nestled in the Texas hill country, famous for it's peaches and charming main street shopping:

I love history and there's a Museum of the Pacific War there, as well as a beautiful Wildflower Seed Farm that has the best fresh peach ice cream:

But today we're going to take a tour of their quilt shop. Last year they moved their little quilt shop to a new location with lots of room for expansion. It's tucked alongside a little country road so you'll want to use your GPS to find it, but it'll be worth it!

They have a retreat cottage:

And a studio:

That flanks the quilt shop:

This is an amazing quilt shop:

I've found that all quilt shops have their own personality and fabrics they specialize in, but I've never been in a larger one and they have just about anything and everything here:


Tone on tones

Christmas fabrics:

Autumn colors:

Lots of landscape fabrics to choose from:

This is only a little of their wool selection:

They have western prints:

A wide selection of patriotic fabrics:

As well as a big corner of 30's prints :

You could drown in their choices of Civil War reproduction and Thimbleberry type fabrics. I couldn't even get them all in one photo. There's another wall to the right:

And if you need a quilt for a baby or a child, inspiration abounds here:

They had lots of samples sewn up - these used panels and simple strips to make cute quilts for kids:

Just the patterns alone could keep you here for hours:

And I wanted to browse their book selection, but I had to get back on the road:

My SIL fell in love with the Garden Delights line a few weeks ago and ordered it online when we were all visiting my in-laws a few weeks ago. I sent her this picture:

They have the whole line if she needs more. And I sent this to a friend because it reminded me of her, but I forgot to jot down the line and now she wants some of it.

It is really hard to control yourself in this store, because there is temptation around every corner. And I caved:

I was pretty good and just picked up some basics to add to my stash, some of them from the sale section:

Whenever I pull into the parking lot, "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!" immediately begin to endlessly play in my head. Those of you of a certain age may remember that line from a tv show called "Lost in Space" that was popular in the 70's. It is very applicable in this situation because there is something for everyone in this shop and I dare you to walk out empty handed!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

This quilt shop looks amazing and tempting! Looks like there is something for everyone! When we travel we make frequent stops at LQS's

Tired Teacher said...

A nice spacious store - I get claustrophobic in some stores where the aisles are close and the store is crowded. The lighting looks great in this store, too. Thanks for the tour.

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness that looks like a fantastic shop. Everything looks so tempting - fabrics, books, patterns, I think I could just go wild in that store. Too bad I don't live anywhere near Texas.

Nancy A: said...

I have been to the town and museum, but didn't know about the fabric store. Looks like a must stop the next time we are traveling through Texas. Thanks for the info.

carol fun said...

That shop is a little ...welll maybe a big...slice of heaven! I would have left with more than you showed great restraint...what a great way to spend a little time.

Janet O. said...

LOL I can see the robots "arms" flailing about as he calls out his warning!! : )
This shop looks amazing. I think it might be wise to make this stop the entire road trip! Wish it wasn't so far away from me.

Dar said...

That looks like a fabulous quilt shop. Some years ago I drove from St. Louis to Austin, Texas. Don't know if this shop was anywhere near my route, but I would have loved seeing it! Now I don't buy any fabrics, but still love to see samples and ideas of how shops are set up.

Ranch wife said...

I have been there it is awesome!!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Hey the same thing happened to me when I was in Rapid City for their quilt show!! I came home with lots of fabric:)

Jim and Judy said...

I have been to this amazing town twice and wish I could live there. We went to the WWll museum and loved it. I haven't been to this quilt shop and now I want to go back and find it. I have been to the fabric store on the Main Street where they sell a lot of Amy Butler fabrics. It should be easy for us, living on the road now. Hope to get there later this year. Maybe they will have some new Moda lines. Thank you for the awesome pictures.

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