Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Round 2!

Just as I watched the dust from the last rig leave headquarters last Friday, more dust was headed our way. We had a full house and a busy weekend with 6 extras here to celebrate Father's day. I love it when the front of the house looks like this:

Nothing makes me happier than when all of our family is together. Saturday was brutal as far as the heat:

And this week promises more of the same. Everyone finds their favorite shady spot in the heat of the day

The wind was whipping up a storm on Sunday morning and wind and smoking do not a good team make. So DH moved the smoker:

I put all of my leftovers to good use this weekend and DH filled the smoker with chicken. Cornish Game Hens on one side:

And big chickens on the other:

Everyone pulled out on Sunday: One in the morning because she was headed to North Dakota (I made a trip into town to meet her ride from the university), 2 in the afternoon, 2 headed south in the evening, and 1 headed east. I made 24 Buckaroo Bundles on Sunday to send with the kids:

Buckaroo Bundle Recipe Here

I made 16 2 weeks ago and our girl's bringing a college buddy home this next weekend so I'll probably be making more to send back with them.

I loved every minute of the weekend and can't wait till we get to do it again. My FIL is turning 80 in August so that's the next clan gathering!

After work on Monday, I made another trip to the grocery store because the crew was gathering around my table at 4 the next morning and I think I was expected to feed them. :)  Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert is on the menu for dessert so I know there will be lots of happy cowboys!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Here


I've got roast in the pressure cooker for barbecue sandwiches tomorrow and am fixing to put together the Chocolate Eclair dessert. It's DH's favorite. :) Can't remember if I've shared it or not. I'll check - and if not, I guess I ought to do that. :) I've got to tackle that laundry too. Lots of bedding from everyone being here this weekend and I'll need it for the next round this coming weekend. I think I need a nap. 2:30 a.m. will be here before I know it.


Tired Teacher said...

Love the photo of moving the smoker! Ranchers can solve nearly every problem with a front end loader.

Bukaroo Bundles look mighty tasty.

Stay hydrated in the horrendous heat!

Janet O. said...

Deep breaths! Wow--when do you get a break?!?

Shell said...

What are Buckaroo Bundles ???

Jim and Judy said...

Sorry for the heat wave. It's bad over several states right now. We were planning on going to Texas but decided to head North. I love your house and I'm so happy you had a nice Fathers Day.

Ruth said...

That heat thermometer reminded me of growing up on the Mojave Desert in California. We'd get temps like that in July and August. I hope you will post that ice cream sandwich dessert! It looks tasty. And what is in the Buckaroo Bundles?

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Don't think I have ever seen temps that high! And the poor bunny rabbit even looking for shade under the tree. You feed lots of people!

Dar said...

What a fun time it looks like you had. Lots of good food, family and laughs. That dessert looks sinful!!! We are having high temps too, but not nearly as high as yours. But we have the 100% humidity to go with it which may mean ours is worse than yours. lol

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