Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Roast Spread

Being that we ranch, we always have a ready supply of good ranch raised beef in our deep freeze and although we do change things up with chicken and pork and fish, beef is on the menu often. We have it cut to order which for us means very lean 2# packages of ground beef, big 5-7# roasts, 2 steaks per package, lean stew meat, trimmed briskets, tenderized round steaks, ribs, and skirt and flank steaks.  I love to grill so hamburgers, steaks, and fajitas are easy and quick to throw together for dinner at noon. We get a lot of roasts, so I've gotten good at using those and I love cooking them in the pressure cooker.

(I have THIS one - I ordered it a few years ago when Judy, over at Patchwork Times, clued us in about it being a Black Friday special - watch her - she's always sharing great ideas and gadgets that I didn't even know existed. If I had a neighbor, I'd want it to be her.)

It allows me to brown my meat before cooking and that adds an extra layer of flavor that makes a big difference. I'll cook them for about 100 minutes and they are just fall apart tender.

1.Sometimes we just eat it as roast...must have horseradish with it.

2. Sometimes I shred it and add green chile and onions and that makes a great filling in tortillas.

3. Shred it and simmer with barbecue sauce for barbecue sandwiches.

4. Make Roast Spread. I've tried to come up with a better name for it, but my MIL has made this forever - long before I ever came into the family - and it's always been known as Roast Spread. It's really just like Tuna or Chicken Salad so I guess you could call it Roast Salad, but if I called it that here, everyone would wonder what I was talking about.

After it's cooked and falling apart, I put it into my handy dandy Oskar:

I'm not a gadget girl at all. I've managed to cook and bake and feed my family without a food processor or Kitchen-aid for over 30 years so I figure I really don't need one, but DH bought me this little Oskar before we were married and it has been the handiest little thing. I guess it's kind of a mini food processor. It's yellowed with age and the bowl is cloudy, but that blade is still unbelievably sharp and if a much used kitchen gadget is still going strong after 30+ years, it gets a gold star in my book!

I use it to chop nuts...lots of pecans, and to grind up Oreos for a couple of desserts I make, it grates cheese (we do not care for the grated cheese that comes in packages and I mostly hand grate our cheese, but if I need a lot, I use Oskar), same for a lot of onions, and I use it to grind up roast for Roast Spread. I don't grind it up completely, just a quick run through to break it up a bit.

Then I just add mayo, a little finely chopped onion, finely chopped celery, and a couple of big spoonfuls of pickle relish and mix.

Not fancy, but I don't do fancy, and we all love it.


Nancy said...

This sounds like a really easy "spread" to have around, Karin, but I gotta be honest: I don't want anyone messing with my roast beef. Serve it tender with mashed potatoes and gravy, then eat it again (and again and again) as leftovers until it's gone. I know it would be boring to most folks but I do love it.

Janet O. said...

I have that Instant Pot, but mine is the six quart--not big enough for those large roasts. I'll have to try a small roast in it sometime when I am not feeding an army. But then, I never feed an army as large as you do!
Oh, my goodness, I had an Oskar for decades!! Loved it!! Shredded carrots, too, for carrot cakes. I finally passed it on in a yard sale when hubby bought me a Cuisinart food processor for Mother's Day a few years back, so I could make flaky pie crust the fast, easy way. The young mom that bought my Oskar was thrilled to have it when I told her all it did for me.
I know my Mom uses her mini processor to grind up roast, and then she does a similar mix with it to what you do. I tend to use my leftover roast in pot pies, sandwiches, or fried rice

JanetD said...

Yumm, but give me beef any time.

Mara said...

mmmmm.... your freezer sounds like a delight to open, as long as you have a few buckets of ice cream in there as well ;)

Julie said...

Oh I love roast salad and you're making me crave it now! I blogged about it myself;
People are seriously missing out if they haven't enjoyed this!

Rebecca said...

I bought the instant pot the same time you did when Judy mentioned the special on Amazon!
Love that pot!!! I have 2 friends who bought them after I started raving about mine> lol.

Pauline said...

I love to do meat like this for sandwiches! Frequently I buy ham just to chop, add mayo and sweet relish for sandwiches! I AM a gadget person! Love to find a gadget that does something useful for me. I bought a food processor quite a few years back and love it. Of course it can be the pits to wash, but washing is easier than chopping for me. It's especially wonderful for guacamole. And the big bowl will do lots of onions when needed. (Not as "pretty" and "same size" as hand chopping, but who looks that close? None of my family or friends. I like your idea of horseradish in the beef, don't know how I ever missed that all these years!

BunkHouseQuilts said...

My mother used to make that with roast beef when we were kids. She would hook up the hand grinder to an old wooden chair, get on her knees and grind away. We lived on a cattle ranch in Idaho and she fed a lot of men with this tasty sandwich spread...always on homemade bread.

Dar said...

That sounds good to me. I'll try it next time I have left over roast that my DH is tired of eating as leftovers. He's never recognize it in the spread. lol Most likely, he won't even try it because he's not much for tuna and chicken salad anyway. That's ok, more for me and it won't go to waste. Thanks.

ytsmom said...

We call it roast beef salad. I sometimes add a little pickle juice, so I don't need as much miracle whip.

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