Monday, January 29, 2018

Under the Needle in 2018

As a quilter, I'm always thinking about the next quilt...and the one after that....and the one after that. I enjoy each quilt as I'm making it, but my mind is always racing ahead and the list grows quickly. It also changes, but I am a list maker and at the first of each year, I like to take stock of the quilts I'd like to stitch.

I've got 11 at Jackie's so those are a given, but I'm not going to list those here or this post will be never ending. As I share what I'm working on throughout the year, I'll publish those posts as "Under the Needle".

1. Four Corners: I set this one aside last year, but I'm not abandoning it. It's going to get made this year and putting that in writing will keep me accountable.

2. Scrappy Christmas Quilt: Our girl has already requested this one so I just may have to make 2

3. On Ringo Lake: I finished the 3rd clue a few days ago and clue 4 is currently 'under the needle'.

4. Scrap Dance Waltz: This is a previous mystery quilt from My Carolina Home and I'm making it in 30's

5. Blessings is the block exchange quilt I'm making with my Quilt Squad girls at the extension office this year - also using 30's fabrics and Kona Snow. I picked these 2 prints up at The Country Store Quilt Shop last week for my 12 blocks:

6. Sequoia: Our girl has recently made more than one quilt request and after going through my Pinterest quilt inspiration board, fabrics are being gathered for this quilt.

7. Bovine Babies: Another quilt requested by our livestock nutrition consultant. This is an old pattern that I tracked down when she insisted that a girl that has a Masters of Science in Ruminant Nutrition NEEDS a bovine baby quilt


She fussed at me over the holidays because she only had 2 quilts from me. It looks like she'll be adding a good number to that this year. :)

8. Sweetwater's Follow Your Heart Quilt - I rarely purchase kits, but I did cave and order this one so it makes the list


9. And a list of quilts I wish to make is not a list if it doesn't include a Miss Rosie quilt by Carrie Nelson. This year I hope to make Jellystone. I've got the scrappy fabrics cut out, but have yet to cut the neutrals:

                                      Image result for Jellystone quilt

10. And my quilt buddy and I are both hoping to make Jo's -from Jo's Country Junction - latest cover quilt

and last Friday we picked up some odds and ends (the top stack in the following photo) to fill in where our stash is lacking.

I haven't entirely committed to that last quilt as the first thing it says is to draw a diagonal line on each 1.25" ivory square...there are 1024 of them! Jo, if you read this...surely you didn't do that, did you? You just get entirely too much done to spend time drawing a gazillion lines and I think I recall you mentioning that you don't do that in your 'I won't do that' post a while ago. Still, my friend, C, is determined to make it and she's dragging me along...we may both lose our minds before this one gets done. :)


Sherrill said...

Guess you COULD make that last one a tad smaller (with fewer 1/2 sq tri's!!). It's good the girl loves your quilts. My two boys and 1 DGD couldn't care less. Oh well. You're gonna be BUSY (like you aren't already)! LOL

Tired Teacher said...

Whoa, you've got an ambitious list of projects lined up for the year.

Sequoia is gorgeous - your daughter has a keen eye. I like Jo's quilt, too, but I'm not a fan of tiny pieces, so I'll just admire yours as you work in it. 😉

Janet O. said...

Taken one bite at a time, this is probably doable, but I look at the whole list and think you are eating an elephant!! This is why I can't make lists of goals for the year. It overwhelms before I even get started.
You have some lovely projects planned, and I agree--that is a whole lot of diagonal lines!!!

Judy said...

I would either iron the squares in half. Put a book on them as you go through them. Or, you could just eyeball them, being they are small. I love your choices for 2018. You are very organized and you set goals!

Shelly said...

My friend, Linda, and I are also doing that one that's #10 on your list. I'm not sure I'm gonna draw those lines, either. I may find an easier way!

Doniene said...

Wow! Absolutely wonderful projects!! Each one speaks to the amazing person you are and the many talents you have!

Blessings and hugs!

Dar said...

You have a great list of quilts to work on for 2018. If you have the Easy Angle ruler, you don't have to draw any lines for your half square triangle blocks. They are cut from strips the size of your finished squares and then change pieced quickly. Bonnie Hunter uses this technique a lot in her quilts,you know. :)

Pauline said...

Wow! You'll be busier than ever! Just rush, rush, rush with all your other activities so you can hit the sewing projects. BTW: I doubled the batting in the 4 Corners quilt and it's a great snuggle quilt, super warm. I've got my eye on Jo's quilt too, all those stars would make a great leader/ender project while sewing something else. Good luck on all your projects.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

You go, Girl! I have maybe two new quilts I want to do, but my goal is finishing some UFOs or "git 'er done" quilts. I'm behind on your blog posts.. They don't all come through on my email. Guess that is from living so far back in the mountains!! Just read about your daughter's job offer. Sounds like a wonderful thing! Loved the quilt shop tour, but my favorite is the photo of Skeet in the cold water! Having Jack Russells, I understand their love of water! Stay warm and enjoy your machine time!!

Sally Langston Warren said...

Jo blogged once about her magazine patterns. She does not write the instructions for them. She sends them the quilt and they write the instructions. In doing so, they include methods of construction that she does NOT use. You might write jo and ask her how she did that part.

Jayne Jacobson said...

I am going to do Jo's quilt too but I will use either Bonnie Hunters Essential Triangle ruler or make them 8 at a time. Much faster ways of eating the elephant!

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