Sunday, November 17, 2019

What I've Been Up To

Between long sale days

 road trips



 hauling boys around

sorting and processing cattle

 and a horse sale

 time to post has been hard to come by. You would think these 5:00 sunsets would allow for lots of computer time, but that has simply not been the case. Last night we got home from the horse sale (a 4 hr round trip + 9 hours at the sale) at 8, unloaded, took showers and fell into bed. This morning DH was out the door at 6:30 in search of a deer. We're spoiled because DH doesn't have to pack up a whole hunting camp. He's got 128,000 acres right outside our door to hunt and hopefully we'll soon be in the middle of making jerky and enjoying tenderloin.

 DH and I have been fighting head colds for a week, but it's not been bad enough to keep us down. I may even get to sew a little this week...God willing and the creek don't rise.

In between it all, we do take time to stop and enjoy the majestic moments in our daily lives:


Anonymous said...

what's that yummy looking deliciousness in the cooking segment??? DO TELL!!!
Carol in Texas (have to use the anonymous to comment as I cannot get my Google account to recognize my sign-in)

Granny said...

I know it's hard work but what an interesting and fulfilling life you life! I always enjoy reading about what's happening there.

Gina from AL said...

Do you work as a clerk at the Sale Barn?i always enjoyed going to the Sale Barn when i was growing up. Beautiful Sunset!

Lindah said...

Wow! "Majestic Moment" is an apt description. Those moments are a special gift.
Judy's comment says it all. I have to ditto it. I always miss your posts, but I remember how very busy you are.

Dorian said...

Sounds like you've been awfully busy Karin. Hope the knee is holding up for you. That photo of the cowboys against the trailer cracks me up! Have a great day!

Tired Teacher said...

Yes, I'd say your days have been FULL. The sunset in the photo is gorgeous.

Shelly said...

I hear ya! It's all we can do to make ourselves stay up later than 8:00 pm -- Old people! We finished calving at our place this past week, and there are only a few left to go at the big ranch. So glad that's over. It got cold early here. We've already had snow a couple times. This week is supposed to be nice, so if we can muster the energy, we can finish up our last bit of winterizing while it's still tolerable. I hope you can find that sewing time you need, and that your knee is doing great!

Sherrill said...

I'm always SO TIRED after reading your posts--HA!! You certainly earn those early bedtimes. Gorgeous sunset..need to share mine with you that I took while on my just finished yesterday cruise!!

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