Saturday, February 16, 2008

Buckaroo Bundles and a Box Supper

The kids are preparing for the 4-H Valentine's Dance today. Along with the dance, they are having a Box Supper. Not sure how many of you remember box suppers (I don't), but I have read enough historical fiction, heard stories from grandparents and seen Little House on the Prairie enough to know what they are.

According to the 4-H leader, the kids aren't supposed to do anything fancy. She said that a pizza would be fine, but something in me just thinks that is wrong. I know that she is trying to make it easy, people are awfully busy these days. Yes, everyone will probably want to bid on the pizza ~ who doesn't love pizza, but I guess I'm just old fashioned enough to think that there should be some element of 'homemade' to this box supper. Fried chicken with all the fixins seems to be the obvious choice, but since we're cattle ranchers and I have a freezer filled with beef, fried chicken will have to find its way into someone else's box.

The kids are making Buckaroo Bundles and Cowboy Cookies. I thought it would be fun to have a western theme for their box. Since nobody knows how wonderful these Buckaroo Bundles are, we should be able to buy our own box back. Don't know if that's against the rules or not, but hey, it's a 4-H fundraiser and we've got to eat anyway!

So I thought I'd share my recipe for these yummy meals in a pocket:

Buckaroo Bundles
3 loaves of frozen bread dough
2 lbs lean ground beef
1 chopped onion
pepper, garlic and seasoning salt to taste
5 potatoes, peeled and cubed (I cut these pretty small)
green chile (if you can get your hands on fresh green chile, I highly recommend it! It really does make all the difference)

*Thaw out the bread dough (don't let it rise, just thaw it out enough so that it can be rolled out)

*Brown the ground beef and onion and season to taste.

*In the meantime, cook the potatoes (I fix mine in the Wok and they look like this)

*When the potatoes are done, add them to the cooked ground beef

*Toss in green chile (amounts will depend on whether you like it with a bit of heat to it or not) Here's what it looks like when the potatoes and the green chile are added to the ground beef:

*Roll out a loaf of dough and cut into 8 squares like this:

*Roll out each square. Place a couple tablespoons of meat mixture in the middle and seal the dough around the meat. It will look like a baseball.

*Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until lightly browned.

These are so good! They are equally tasty when they are cooled and they freeze well. Makes 24 Buckaroo Bundles.

I used to make these for DH to pack into his saddle bags when he would take off to check cattle on horseback and not be back for dinner. They were a great alternative to a smooshed sandwich! This past fall I had to fix them for the crew because one of the guys said that I was famous for my cooking. Hmmm... that could be good or bad. Turns out he was talking about these Buckaroo Bundles. I fixed them for the crew once when I had to haul a handheld dinner to them on another part of the ranch about 7 years ago. Apparently one of the guys who had never helped us before, walked up to the tailgate and saw the bread. He thought, "Man! All we get is rolls?!" He grabbed one and bit into it and he told everyone after that that it was the best meal he had ever eaten. Seems that story has made the rounds. And just to set things straight, I did not only have rolls. They had a couple different bags of chips and sticks of cheese and stuffed jalapenos and baby carrots and 2 kinds of homemade cookies for dessert. They did not go hungry.

I have made these hundreds of times in the past 20 years. They are great for picnics, potlucks, ropings, ranch rodeos, road trips and stock shows. Enjoy!
Here's what their box looks like. Still need to add some ketchup and a couple of drinks. Yes, they filled the box with hay from the barn and wrapped it in western paper. I think it looks neat! Wonder how much I'll have to shell out buy it back.


Ranch wife said...

Ah....your box looks so pretty, and I can't wait to try the Buckaroo bundles! I make a one kinda like that but you use cabbage and lots of cheese and hamburger. Buck and I love them, but the kids aren't to impressed. Kraut burgers are what they are called. I am thinking that these would be great for CCF sometime, just a hint! Ha HA
Have a great day

Sara said...

I am attempting the Buckaroo Bundles today! =)

Karin said...

I'm pretty sure I made these for Cowboy Church last year. I'll bring them this next time. The batch I made the other day has mysteriously vanished...

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

Do you use homade bread dough-or store bought? I suppose either would work...

Countrygirl said...

Hi! I am a friend of Ranch wife's, since she has this listed on her blog I was reading it. We tried the Buckaroo Bundles and my super picky 16 year old has eaten nearly all of them! Yummy! How did ya'll do at the Box Supper? Were ya' able to buy your own back?
Nice to meet you in cyber space.

Karin said...

Jennifer ~ I cheat and use Rhodes frozen bread dough on these. I buy it in the 3-loaf package.

Country Girl ~ Welcome!So glad your son likes these. They don't last long around here either!

The club did really well at the box supper ~ they brought in just over $1000 with 11 baskets. We ended up with the 4-H Agent's basket because ours went too high and I couldn't afford to buy it back! Everyone ended up sharing everything though and no-one went home hungry!

Scrapatches said...

Good read and the recipe looks yummy. I am going to have to make these even though there are no buckaroos in my life. Guess that means there will be plenty for me. Thanks for sharing again for those of us who have not clue what we have been mising ... :) Pat

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