Friday, February 29, 2008

Blessed by Friendship

So yesterday I DID get to play hooky! L came to pick me up so that we could meet M in town for dinner (that's lunch around here). L had a gift card and she was gracious enough to invite us for dinner. So , after I made a cherry pie and slapped together a Chicken & Dumpling Casserole, and did a few loads of laundry, and got the kids started on school, and sent one child off for his college course, and served the 2 feed salesmen a couple pots of coffee we were off!

The 2 feed salesmen arrived at 7:30 and we were uncertain as to whether they would still be here at noon, but DH told me not to change my plans and DD tended to them while I was away. Thank you for letting Momma run off and play with her friends sweetheart! You're a big help and I appreciated coming home to a clean kitchen.

Let me just take a minute to explain about these two gals that I had lunch with yesterday. I just love them to pieces! When we moved here 3 years ago, I was crushed, but the Lord has overwhelmingly blessed us and these two gals are 2 of those amazing blessings! They are such a hoot! They are beautiful and smart and funny and so strong in their faith.

We try to get together, just the three of us, once in a while and when we do...well let's just say that if laughter is good for the soul, we've got the healthiest souls around. Oh my! Yesterday I left my mascara on the napkin at the resaurant and came close to wetting my pants and it wasn't the first time. I'm sure people were wondering what we had been drinking. We don't drink, but they'll think that anyway. Once we went to Lubbock and we had three people stop us throughout the day and tell us that we were having too much fun. Is that even possible?

We spent one afternoon picking corn and then spent one of the most amazing hours in conversation and prayer. The Lord was in that cornfield with us and it moved me greatly. M, I am so touched by your wise words and your heart for the Lord.

This friendship is filled with laughter and honesty and prayer and growth and tears and I am so thankful. I can only imagine what God must have been thinking when he put the 3 of us together.

I just want to tip my hat to these two. Thank you for your amazing friendship ~ you make my life richer, even if you do make me wet my pants.

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Ranch wife said...

All I can say is YEHAWWWWW! I had a great time to. What a fun day. And if folks get mad at 3 strange women laughing and wetting their pants...well so be it. Although, I for one have still got excellent bladder control...not bragging but...
Love ya
Ranch Wife

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