Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Love Affair

DH has a long standing love affair with 2 things. Me (grin!) and...

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Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I was cold. I was nestled beneath warm covers and a flannel quilt, next to DH who is a virtual heat blanket. How could I be cold? But I was. I had been awakened with thoughts of ice cream running through my head. Grrr...I was wide awake and all these sentences just kept flying around and tumbling into each other. Try as I might, I could not banish them.

No, I did not patter into the kitchen and sneak a scoop. I wasn't even craving it and the sentences that had so rudely invaded my peaceful slumber were about DH and his penchant for ice cream. Good grief! I wonder if we've been married so long that I'm dreaming his thoughts now! I don't think he dreams about photography or the fact that the kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed.

Yes, DH is addicted to ice cream. His Dad is the same way so I suppose it is hereditary. DH has also passed those ice cream genes on to his children. You know, I studied genetics in high school and I don't recall reading anything about an ice cream gene. Apparently one exists... and DH has it.

Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy ice cream as much as the next person and most normal (we never claimed to be normal) people might enjoy a dip or two on a warm summer day. Well around here, the ice cream season lasts ALL YEAR LONG!

Even in December when the temperature hovers at 10 degrees you ask?

Yes, even then I am scooping ice cream. I should have bought stock a long time ago. I shudder to think how much ice cream I have bought through the years. I am still in search of the ultimate homemade ice cream so if you happen to have one, please pass it on.

DS once asked me when we were in the grocery store, "Do we need ice cream?"

"Honey, we ALWAYS need ice cream."

Vanilla...Chocolate Chip....Mint Chocolate Chip....Chocolate...Strawberry. No one really cares for the elaborate varieties that seem to pop up through the years. Chocolate Covered Cherry Nut Surprise just doesn't appeal to us. We are simple people.

Vanilla used to be consumed with chocolate syrup. Then we went through a time where chocolate covered toffee was added. Sometimes he'll add coffee to it and recently it's been smothered in strawberries.

One year I even went in search of a special ice cream bowl for him. The kids and I thought it would be a cute gift for him. We had just gotten the internet and I think it was the first thing I searched for. I googled "Cowboy Ice Cream Bowl" and lo and behold, one actually existed! Who'd a thunk? Well I just HAD to order it! It's HUGE! There's room for 8-10 big scoops in there! LOL! The kids gave it to DH for Christmas that year and he got a big kick out of it. He doesn't use it much because it's not very practical, but it has it's place of honor in the china cabinet (which incidentally, doesn't hold any china) and sometimes we use it as a serving bowl.

I'm not complaining. It's his only vice and it's rather endearing.

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Sara said...

Oh ice cream. I also have a great love for ice cream. Ben and Jerry, Bluebunny... I don't get enough ice cream, its sad really.

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