Monday, March 31, 2008

4-H Invasion

Glorious Sunday.
Hear that?
Me neither. It's quiet and I love it.
It was a busy weekend and although it was lots of fun, I am wiped out.

This weekend we hosted the 4-H Shooting Sports team. I really shouldn't call it an invasion. We had 9 extras that began to filter in on Thursday evening. We are blessed to have a coolest program here and the most incredible coach. He and his wife are simply amazing. Coach H. has written and put together a book on shooting which incorporates both the physical and mental aspects that help make a great shooter. This weekend is kind of like a boot camp training and it's a great way for the team to bond. See:

The kids are preparing for their State competition and they're working on bringing some of the lessons learned this weekend into their gameplan.

They all brought sleeping bags and we put them up in the bunkhouse. The only glitch we ran into was the fact that the plumbing had gone on strike and the kids had to either use our 1 tiny bathroom, use the bathroom in another house here at headquarters, or rough it. It all worked out although they did manage to down 64 big bottles of water in 2 days!

These are really good kids and the weekend was wonderful. I put together easy meals. Before they arrived, I cooked up 4-8lb roasts and shredded it for barbeque sandwiches. We had Lasagna for one meal, breakfast burritos, a picnic lunch out where they shot, and hotdogs before they went home. They ate lots of fruit and granola bars and popcorn and I don't think anyone went hungry, but it's staggering to see how much food 8 teenagers can consume in a couple of days.

They spent most of Friday working indoors on the mental tools and perfecting their positions and balance.

The weather cooperated beautifully and they shot for 3 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. They worked hard:
Way to shoot!

and played hard:

Back to work:
Scoring targets:
Proof to parents that we fed their kids:

Working at Air Rifle:

The kids shoot 3 different disciplines:

Shotgun: Trap and Skeet

.22 Rifle: Prone, Kneeling, and Standing - Silhouette and Targets

Air Gun: Rifle and Pistol - Silhouette and Targets (Prone and Standing)

They're planning on coming out a few more times in April and in the meantime, they left everything up so DS and DD can practice in the afternoons after they finish their schoolwork.

This afternoon DH and DS went and shot Trap and Skeet at the range. I just didn't have the energy and begged off.

I'm so thankful for Coach H and Mrs. H ~ they and this program have been an incredible blessing. They put their heart and soul and so much time into these kids. 4-H programs like this just aren't possible without people like them.


agent713 said...

That's awesome! Is shooting normally part of 4H?

Caitlin said...

...don't wanna burst your bubble.... just wanted to clear this up:

Air Rifle 3P (Targets): Prone, Kneeling, Standing

Air Rifle Silhouettes: Standing

.22 3P (Targets): Prone, Kneeling, Standing

.22 Silhouettes: Standing

Air Pistol (Silhouettes & Targets): Standing

Yeah... Sorry. =P Couldn't help myself. ANYWAY yessss Coach ROCKS!!!

Karin said...

Agent 713 - I'm not sure whether all 4-H Clubs have shooting programs or not, but it's a pretty big deal both here and in Texas. This year we have one all girl team and one all boy team competing at State. The girls are pumped!

Caitlin - sticking my tongue out at you.

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