Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day on the Slopes

Whew! It's been a crazy week and computer time has been negligible. We've been on the go a lot and usually I gripe about that sort of busy-ness. However, Wednesday was the exception.

After trying (for 2 years) to get away and take the kids skiing we finally got it done! DH and I had been skiing twice, but the last time was 19 years ago and since I spent most of my skiing time on my backside, you could actually say I haven't really ever skied.

Since moving here 3 years ago, we have wanted to take the kids skiing. The mountains are only a hop, skip and a jump away and although we could only get away for a day, we got up early, packed up and headed towards the snow on Wednesday before the sun even thought about making it's entrance over the horizen. It was worth the wait! We could not have asked for a more incredible day! The weather was amazing and although the diehard skiers bemoaned the fact that they hadn't had enough snow, it didn't hamper our fun one bit. As soon as we were fitted with boots, skis and bibs; we started the long, long, long climb towards the top.

Our first stop was ski school. Since DH was the ski champion in our group, he left us on the bunny slope and headed for the high country. I was apprehensive about making a fool of myself, but I surprised myself and actually spent 99% of the day on my skis. We had a fun instructor and taking the class with DS and DD was a hoot. It was only a 90 minute class and after that, we were turned loose and left to our own devices. Scary thought since we weren't taught how to avoid running into other skiers. Last time I skied, I just fell down everytime a skier even came into view. This time was much better although I don't think the Olympic Ski Team needs to hold their breath on the chance that I might join up. Now that's a funny thought!

Our instructor warned us to only ski 2 different runs and not bite off more than we could chew. Apparently he didn't catch on that DS and DD are overachievers.

DH soon slid to a stop in front of us and asked DS if he wanted to ski with him. With a huge grin, DS nodded and they headed off for parts unknown. DD and I stayed on the easy rider slope and that was just my speed. DD spent a good part of her morning mastering graceful (and not so graceful) falls and then pulling herself back up and trying again.

Later that afternoon, DH came by and took her under his wing and they skied off in search of something more challenging. Before long, DD came back with a huge grin on her face. Her perserverence had paid off. Everything had clicked and DH had given her some pointers that had her racing off and jumping on various lifts.

DS took to his newfound experience like a duck to water although his whole line of thinking revolved around speed. Faster = Better. He's a 17 year old boy ~ what can I say? I think we created a monster. I'm glad he was with DH and I wasn't there to watch. I was quite content snapping pictures and gliding along Easy Street. We rode up to the top of the mountain on the gondola and DS scarfed down a hotdog before he and DH skied down. DD and I left the 2 speed demons, prayed they would return unscathed, and rode back down to our comfort zone.

Since we went in the middle of the week, they hadn't received a ton of snow, and the Spring Break crowd hadn't hit, there weren't many people. We never once had to wait in line for the lift and we got all the skiing in we could. We all ended up shucking our coats and by 4, the snow was staring to get slushy. Never thought I'd be hot on a snowy mountain.

The lifts closed at 4 and we skied up until the very last minute. Actually, I quit about 3:15. I really wanted to get some time behind the camera. Good thing too, because my knees were about shot and those boots aren't the most comfortable footwear.

We all hobbled into K-Bob's Steakhouse after we had made our way back off the mountain. Everyone was famished and then once the food arrived, we were almost too tired to eat it. That's tired! And the next morning...can we say sore?! DH asked DS where he was sore and I told DH that between the 4 of us, we had all body parts covered. Ouch! Wednesday night I was very thankful for our Tempur-pedic mattress!

Sore muscles and all, it was an awesome day! We spend a lot of time as a family out here, but we rarely get away, so when we do; it's a huge treat. We all came home with the proverbial skiers sunburn, a few sore muscles, wonderful memories of our new adventure together and plans to go back as soon as the snow flies again!

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