Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Wanna Play Hooky!

Eight years ago we chose to homeschool the kids and it has been the ultimate adventure. Alas, today finds me restless and cranky. It is 70 degrees outside. Not a cloud in the sky. No wind! I want to run and play and dig in the dirt. Instead I am cooped up and dealing with this:

Flexibility has been one of the most wonderful aspects of homeschooling. It has also been one of the biggest hurdles we have had to overcome.

DS is a Junior and looking to apply to the Air Force Academy. DD is a Freshman and has her sites set on attending Vet School. I'm excited for all that the future holds for both of them, yet their chosen paths mean that I have to set boundaries and keep them focused on school. On days like today, that's not an easy task.

They whine.
They sigh.
They droop.
They may even shed a tear or two.

Oh wait, that's mine.

I think I mentioned before that I write my lesson plans in pencil...and I erase a lot.

I erase for impromptu fishing expeditions.
I erase for time to splash in the creek.
I erase to jump in the truck with DH and make a feed run.
I erase so that our children can experience all that childhood has to offer.
I erase to drive to the other side of the ranch and help DH fix that water gap.
I erase to cuddle the new litter of kittens DH discovered in the barn this morning.
I erase to catch that horse and let the kids fly across the pasture bareback.
I erase because we are branding and my students are part of the crew.
I erase because no matter how hard I try, I can not feed a dozen men, three meals a day and still do school.

So, there comes a point where I must dig deep and not erase. There comes a point where we MUST tend to school. There are certain classes that just have to make it on to that High School Transcript. I do not relish the idea of going through Calculus or Chemistry again, but that is the job I have signed up for. I remind myself that I will not be doing them any favors by skipping Composition or bypassing Biology. When they get to college, their professors will expect much more of them than I do. So I must stay the course and, sigh...continue to gaze longingly out my window when what I really want to do is shove the stack of books aside and sneak out the door.

I just might do that anyway.

Don't worry, I'll be right back, I'm only taking out the trash.

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