Monday, May 26, 2008

2:30...A.M... Darn Quirk!

I've heard of early risers, but this is a bit extreme. Yes, it's just past the morning and DH and DS are outside saddling up their horses. This morning they are helping the neighbors brand and breakfast will be served at 4.

I'm not cooking it so why am I up?

Good question.

Apparently I have this strange quirk that doesn't allow me to stay in bed when DH starts his day. Wish I didn't have this quirk, but somehow I just feel better when I can see them off with hugs, "I love you"s and "be safe".

How does one acquire a quirk?

That's an odd word.


It's a peculiarity of behavior that eludes prediction or supression. Wish this particular one would choose a more reasonable hour to present itself.

Most neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate it if you showed up at their doorstep at 4 in the morning, but it is at their request and around here, you never think twice about NOT helping your neighbors. We all rely on each other and in this day and age, it seems that has become rare. We've got amazing neighbors.

They'll cheerfully meet you half way to bring you some eggs... or borrow a cup of sugar... or lend you a vehicle until you can get yours out of the shop... or get up at 2:30 in the morning to lend a hand.

Out here, neigbors are a long ways off...25 miles and it takes 45 minutes to get there when you've got to trailer down a long dirt road. They'll stop at North Camp to pick up Clint before heading to Ricky's this morning.

Why begin the day in the middle of the night? Well breakfast will be finished at 4:30 and it takes almost an hour to trailer over to the other side of the ranch. By then, it will just be getting light enough to see your hand in front of your face and the crew will divide up and start gathering the pasture. This time of year, the afternoons get hot here. We're expecting 96 degrees today and we don't want to work the calves in the heat of the day. It's hard on man and horse and calf. They'll be finished by noon or earlier, eat dinner and then head back over this way to put in another 7 hours into the work day. You know, the funny thing is that none of them would have it any other way...including me.

However, I suddenly feel a deep desire to spend some more time with my pillow and I'm going to follow it. Let's hope the quirk is ready for some shut eye as well.


agent713 said...

I will never, ever complain about having to be at work by 8am again. Ever. I'll just think of you guys!

Ranch wife said... are a better wife then me....yawn....sometimes I make it up...and sometimes I don't.

agent713 said...

I thought about y'all this morning as I dragged my sorry butt out of bed. The fact that I didn't fall asleep until after midnight didn't help but at least I was able to sleep until 7 (not 2:30!)

I will not complain.
I will not complain.
I will NOT complain!

Paula Yaussi said...

In Kansas, right now, mornings are awesome. I woke up to the birds at 6:00am because I had all my windows open! The morning air is sweet and filled with mist. We do not need any more rain, but it sure makes everything pretty!

I used to think I needed to be up kissing and hugging everyone good bye too, then twins came along and I yell from by bed, "See ya, love ya, be safe!" and then I curl back up to catch the zzzz's I missed during the night!

By the way . . . 6:00am is as early as it gets for me!

cottonpicker said...

Is the quirk bug catching?? I generally get up with my bunch, BUT as soon as they drive off, I'm back in bed!!

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