Saturday, May 10, 2008

Swimming in Fruit Salad

Not really, but it feels like it. Today we were supposed to be giving a baby shower for Cottonpicker's soon to arrive grandbaby who chose to make her entrance into the world today. Guess she didn't want to miss the shower. I want to tell y'all more, but it's not my story to tell and I couldn't tell it like cottonpicker in a million years!

Suffice it to say, she is here, she is healthy, she is beautiful, Mama and Daddy and everyone else is pooped out and she has eager Aunties waiting to cuddle her.

Welcome to the world little one!

So, I had decided that fruit salad would be a refreshing addition to the shower and thus bought every fruit I could find in order to make enough for 25. Fruit doesn't keep forever so since we have yet to reschedule this joyous event, I am eating fruit salad until it comes out of my ears.

Anyone that dares to venture down this dirt road in the next 36 hours will also leave with a large bowl filled with fruit salad.

Think the cowboy crew I'll be feeding this week will take kindly to fruit salad???


Paula Yaussi said...

I figure if they're hungry enough, they'll eat just bout anything!

Ranch wife said...

Think vitamin c ! None of yall should have a cold for quite some time! Ha HA. Actually the weather says it is supposed to be in the 9o's I am thinking that fruit salad is going to be a hit.

RanchGirl said...

Yummm....fruit salad sounds good to me!

RanchGirl said...

Just a note to tell ya that I changed my domain to I didn't like having my name as my domain. :)
You'll have to change it on your blog list. :)

cottonpicker said...

The fruit salad you brought is gonzales! Thanks so much!!

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