Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's Irish Chain Quilt

I am having so much fun playing with fabric! Being a new fairly quilter, everything is new and exciting and I want to make it all! I've always sewn for the kids - lots and lots of cute western shirts and dresses and jammies and pillow cases, but only now, that they are almost grown, have I discovered the world of quilting! I honestly don't know how I would have found the time when they were small, but I'm enjoying digging through my stash and finding new ways to re-purpose that fabric I had to have into my newest quilt...and, admittedly, buying new yardage.

My newest pattern, which is rather simple and old as the hills for all of you experienced quilters, is this Irish Chain. I enjoyed making this so much and it went together fairly quickly, well it would have gone together even more quickly if I had made up a paste up sheet like they suggested, but no...not me. So, I soon found myself ripping out stitches. sigh.

I have heard that this quilt can be assembled in one day. Really?! Oh, I suppose it could be done if you did nothing else all day, but who does that?! Between the steer buyer, and the vet, and the livestock inspector, and cooking for people that think they need to eat, and opening up gates for county water truck drivers, and hauling a crew down the road to drop them off in another pasture...honestly...a day?!

I made this for my Mom's birthday which is May 17th and I'm so proud that I wasn't working feverishly to finish, it 2 minutes before I gave it to her! Shoot, I have 5 extra days! That's enough time to make another quilt...or 2!

The colors match their living room and I thought she might enjoy it in the evenings when she sits down to read (which is the only time she sits down). I have always struggled with what to get my Mom because she doesn't collect anything or really have any hobbies, although she's busy all the time. For Christmas I gave her a really pretty box with 30 homemade note cards and she liked that. She writes notes and cards to people almost daily. I hope she enjoys this quilt too.

As for me, I plan on making a few more of these! In fact, that 30's fabric I shared in the previous post is already cut up and being sewn into strips. I think it will make a cute scrappy Irish Chain and I'm thinking of sneaking in some hexagon flowers somewhere too. Wish my hands would work as quickly as the ideas that keep popping into my head do!


NaomiG said...

I LOVE your quilt posts... you are amazing. Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!

little apple tally said...

What a beauty! You almost inspire me to get off my duff and get busy with some of my projects! Almost!

And I live the way you staged the photo! Really nice!

BK said...

One thing I had forgot to tell you... There's a quilter's guild in Raton :)

Karin said...

Thank you ladies! Ya'll are making me blush. Honestly Naomi, you need to come visit. Amazing is stretching it...a lot! Grin! You are sweet.

What a treat to have you stop by little appple tally! I'm running out of ideas for taking pictures of my quilts so the dead tree it was! LOL!

BK - I didn't need to know that! Grin! There's one here too, but I can't ever get to town when they meet.

Shelly said...

It's very nice. I'm sure she'll love it. I'm surprised you find as much time to quilt as you do!

Alycia said...

Thats a great quilt! Don't you just love it when you hear it can be made in a day - and a week later you are still working on it? ( or it your me 2 months later?)

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