Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog...

Taking a break here gals! I'm presently adding to the population of the great state of Texas for a bit. Just visiting my Mom and wallowing in real estate acccounting and shredding 30 yrs worth of business paperwork. Keeping 7.

We've been running nonstop since I got here. I can't keep up with my 71 yr old Mom! Nevermind what that says about me. Maybe the 'always on the go' genes will kick in later? One can only hope! I'm always busy at home, but it's just a different routine. The mornings don't start as early around here, but the nights are much later than I am used to.

I brought along some hexagon's to work on flowers some in the evenings, but even that time has been negligible. However, we're getting a lot accomplished and that's one of the reasons I came down. Mom and Daddy's anniversary is coming up and that'll be a hard day so I'm glad I could be here.

It's good to have some time just to visit too. We're catching up between visits to every carpet store on the planet. Surely one of these stores carries the perfect carpet. We only need one. That's not asking too much, but thus far, it has eluded us.

Mom's car was in the shop and after 2 trips, we're hoping it's fixed properly this time. We're having the tile grout cleaned too and they didn't do a very good job, so everything is still in disarray while we wait for them to clean it again. I'm thinking that taking pride in a job well done is becoming a thing of the past. I just don't get it.

My Mom volunteers a lot and she and Daddy started a citizens police academy group to support the local police a few years back. They're involved in everything that happens around here. We had 10 people over the other day for a fund raising meeting - food included. They have a function later and they're selling nachos and popcorn and raffling off a pretty scrap quilt. Think I'll be buying some raffle tickets!

I'm hoping to sneak off to a quilt shop before heading back home, but we'll see. I'm missing my family and my sewing machine, but I'm enjoying my time with my Mom and hopefully I'm helping her with a few things.

I'll have to catch up with everyone when I get back. Computer time is negligible unless it involves accounting. Ya'll behave while I'm away!


About Me... said...

Love your blog and added it to my own blog's fave list. C'mon by for a visit and visit my blog also at MaryJanesFarm - I'm MaryJanes 'ranch farmgirl' blog columnist. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog with my morning coffee. GREAT photos of real ranch life. Shery Jespersen, Wyoming

teamroper said...

Isn't it funny - we think we have crazy lives until we step into the routine of someone else! Have a good time!


Ranch Wife said...

Welcome to the end of the dirt road About Me! Looking forward to popping in on you in a bit - must get some bread dough started first! THanks for stopping by!

Hi P! I feel like I've been on another planet lately and yes, I think walking a mile in another's shoes makes us realize that we're all pretty busy.

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