Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Came Home and One Flew the Coop

Gosh its good to be home! I can't breath in the city and the humidity just makes me wanna wilt, so first thing this morning I headed out for a walk. The crisp, clean, cool, non-humid air was just perfect! The pastures are green and filled with blooming Yuccas. We should be spotting baby antelope before long!

DD did a good job tending to the garden and various plants while I was away. She called me Thursday and brought up the fact that she wants to be a counselor this summer at a Christian Camp. Not a problem except she had to be at said camp on Sunday. Ummm...a little notice would be nice. This is the first we've heard of this.

But let me just say that she'll be great at this! She'll be a 'Wrangler' - in charge of the horses and down at the barn a lot. She'll be in her element. She's great with kids and super at group discussions. What a cool opportunity for her!

However, I miss her. Her Daddy took her to the camp on Sunday (yes, that was only 2 days ago, but I'ver been gone for 10 days and haven't seen her) to meet the people and check things out. I was headed back, but still on the road and apprehensive about sending her somewhere where we didn't know the people, but at some point, I've got to let go a bit and I know DH wouldn't leave her there if he didn't feel comfortable. She's just about 10 miles from her grandparents though and she will be able to come home on Saturday afternoons and return Sunday evenings.

She's been wanting to travel for some mission work for a while and this sounds like it fits the bill and its not like she's going to some foreign country right off the bat.

I'm almost certain she forgot to pack towels and I'm sure she took along mismatched socks, but oh well...I guess its just all a part of her charm!

I'm just praying that she walks safely in His will and that she is a light of His love and mercy to everyone she encounters and that the summer zips on by so it won't be so quiet around here!


BK said...

That sounds fun!! Make her do a blog post about it when she gets home!

Karin said...

Hi BK! I will do that although it may take a while!

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