Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Quilty Post

Some of my quilting partners in crime have been complaining that they haven't seen a post about quilts from me in a coons age. Come on ya'll - it hasn't been that long! Unlike many of you, I haven't been able to churn out those finished projects. There must be a secret to it that ya'll aren't telling me.

I have my reasons though. OK - excuses. Its all in your perception. Here's the list. I'm good at making lists.

~I need sleep and you don't want to be around me if I don't get it. Heck, I don't want to be around me if I don't get it and I'm thinking that all of ya'll who are whipping out these fabulous quilts are not sleeping.

~I've been in Texas for a couple of weeks.

~I'm missing my kid. It's much too quiet around here. Yesterday while I was in town running errands I picked up some odds and ends to put together a care package for her.

~I am mowing. And mowing. And mowing some more.There are about 5 acres that constantly need mowing and weed eating around here. The push mower and I are forming an intense relationship this summer.

~I am trying to keep my garden alive and its a battle. 100+ afternoons are taking its toll and I am bracing for the return of the winds later this week. The tomato worms and I are waging war as well.

So, in the heat of the day here's what I'm currently working on:

Yes, its another project. And no, I have not completed the Texas Log Cabin quilt. Nor is the horse quilt finished. And the Hexagon quilt is still in pieces too. I guess that makes me a flighty quilter. But hey, at least I'm honest and owning up to my flighty-ness.

I couldn't help it. The 30's prints I bought just kept hollering that they needed to be a quilt...NOW. Impatient little things.

I should promise you that I won't start another project until I have completed one, but I'm not making any statements that may incriminate me - I'm going to plead the 5th. Last time I checked, I still had the freedom to do that.


little apple tally said...

I admire you gumption to
a) start projectS,
b) work on projectS,
c) not let the incompletion of projectS get you down.
I personally have fallen victim to part c. I've lost all focus and given up.... the unfinished project do not call my name loudly enough but they do manage to shout "don't start anything new!" Thus, I'm getting no where.
I have decided its the process and not the finished product that matters, so I just need to get back to the process.
Happy quilting!

Janet said...

I feel your pain! At least you are working on something. Instead of stealing snatches of time to quilt, I read quilting blogs. I need to get back to sewing 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. I want one whole day to lock myself in the bedroom and DO something productive. There are just so many things that need to get done other than sewing. I love the '30's quilt. I like to work on many projects too. I would get bored working on the same thing, but then I'm not getting anything finished either. Hugs!

Shelly said...

I'm a professional list maker my ownself, so I can totally relate! I have also had the nearly uncontrollable urge to start a new project this week, but the exhaustion is the only thing holding me back. I like what you're doing with your 30s bundle.

NaomiG said...

Who doesn't love a good list?! :-) I'm loving the 30's quilt--gorgeous! I myself MUST finish projects. Otherwise they haunt me. But, sometimes I do have a few going at once. :-)

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