Monday, June 27, 2011

Twice as Nice Quilt ( aka: the Quilt of Insanity)Complete

Last year, Julie, of Jaybird Quilts designed and organized this Hexagon Quilt Along Online. I thought: How cool! And I jumped in enthusiastically. I bought a Summer's Basket of Flowers jelly roll, the 60° ruler from Creative Grids, and let the rotary cutter fly! Then I perched behind my sewing machine and stitched triangles into hexagons with glee. Before I knew it, I had completed the top...and I hated it. Now, I didn't hate the quilt a long. In fact, Julie did a marvelous job of explaining everything and I still loved the idea of a hexagon quilt, but my fabrics just didn't look like I thought they should...or could. I hemmed and hawed and even groveled for help as to what to do here .
I got lots of advice and the consenses was that I would be crazy to rip the whole top apart and reconstruct it. Well, you know what they say, if the shoe fits.... so insane I must be. But those of you that know me, probably reached that conclusion long ago, so I'm sure it came as no surprise. I ripped it all out. It was a long, long process and it was a slow, slow one as well. I had to be careful not to distort the fabrics since they were all cut on the bias.

But looking back, I am glad I did it because I LOVE it now!

 So thanks Julie!

P.S. Just a heads up. If you click on the photo for a larger shot, please disregard the sad looking lawn. That is not grass. It is a yard full of weeds, but they are green and since we haven't seen a drop of rain since September, they are staying. The 115°+ temps have not been kind to anything attempting to grow this summer. If you squint from afar, it looks like grass and until the good Lord sends some rain (which I know He will) that's good enough for me.

It amazes me that just rearranging the fabrics made them come alive. It's 68x64. A more seasoned quilter would have made this quilt and it would have been square, but seeing as I am not a member of that group, we have a wonky quilt, but it's a good size to cuddle under and I really like the scrappy, piano key border. I backed it in a red print from the same line, mostly because I found it on a wide backing width on sale. I hesitated only briefly about backing it in red because of the possibility that it would run. Shout Color Catcher Sheets to the rescue! Have y'all heard of these things? I am SO sold on this product! They look like the softener sheets you use in the dryer, but you throw them in the wash. This is the end result:

Can you believe that?! Without them, I'm pretty sure the quilt would have been ruined and there would have been sad tears. So I applaud the Shout people who either concocted this fabulous product, or sat up and took notice when someone brought it to them.

When I picked the quilt up from my Longarm quilter she said that if I ever wanted to sell it, she had a number of people who wanted it, but I have become too attached to it. And although I'm working on a quilt for DD to take to college, I'll have to check her luggage when she leaves, because she seems to be forming a bond with this one too. I don't know about this kid. She steals her Papa's horses, her brother's clothes, and her Mama's quilts. Good thing we love her!


rosie said...

Karin, no wonder everyone wants this quilt you have done an amazing job.. I love the colors and the design...xx

Staci said...

Karin, it really is just lovely! I understand insanity, I've done the same sort of thing myself, and in fact am gearing up to do something similar. And while it looks insane to others, I've never regretted taking something all the way apart and fixing it.

Those color catchers are really wonderful, aren't they? It is such a great product!

little apple tally said...

Did you take any photos of the toop before you ripped it apart? Would have liked to see it just for educational reasons. Whatever it looked like, the end result is gorgious.
Your horse, clothes, quilt thief sounds like a smart girl. Where's she going to school and what is she studying?

JMF said...

I really like your quilt. I have ripped out many a seams too.
Any time you want to come to South Dakota to enjoy the green grass and water let us know!!!!!!!!! We loved Texas when we visited there a few years ago.
Gotta love the color catchers!!

NaomiG said...

Oh, that quilt is GORGEOUS! (I would also love to see a "before ripping" picture, if you've got it, just for my own quilt education.) I've never heard of those color catchers, but I'm going on a hunt for them now--I HAVE had quilts ruined by running fabric before--and what a heartbreak that was.

You are such an inspiration!!

And, isn't it irritating that weeds can be green, while actual grass/wanted plants cannot? Drives me nuts. I would keep the green too. Praying you guys get rain soon!

Ranch wife said...

Love it!! I turned out wonderfully.


teresamnj said...

I don't know what you did differently, but I love this quilt! Great job!!!

Denise :) said...

I saw your quilt over on the Quilting Gallery contest this week. Fabulous! I think you did a great job -- and I also think you were very *courageous* to take it apart and put it back together again in a way YOU liked! I did that quilt-a-long too, sort of (and it was also my first) but I haven't finished the top yet. I've got a little time.

I'm enjoying your blog -- you've just gained a new follower! Good luck in the contest. I voted for you! :)

Veronica said...

I'd love to see what it looked like before you ripped it and re-sewed it. It's a really beautiful quilt

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