Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in the Saddle

At least I hope I am! Goodness! I thought January was supposed to be the slow month! If that's the case, then I'm in a heap of trouble! Good gravy!

My last post was titled : What I am Stitching in 2012. More like, what I am NOT stitching! LOL. I have managed to sneak in a couple of hours, but honestly, it is a sad list. I'll be back tomorrow...I hope, with an update on what I HAVE done.

This post is long overdue. In December I received some precious mail and I have been itching to share it with you since it arrived. My first piece came from clear across the pond...Australia. Dear, sweet, Rosie sent me this amazing package and I am over the moon! Honestly, I made a complete fool out of myself when the postman rang me up and told me I had a package waiting from Australia.

 I may or may not have danced a jig. Out popped this darling bag which tickled me plumb to pieces because I am really into these cute fabric bags lately. Such pretty, soothing colors to brighten up a cold, wintry day in the desert.

And Rosie also included this perfect fat quarter which made its way into my Western Many Scrappy Trips quilt:

And then I pulled out this sweet stocking with the cutest snowman ever. Rosie, you have no idea how much this little stocking means to me. One Christmas, years...and years ago, I made our little girl a Christmas outfit from this very fabric so it brought back precious memories and could not be more perfect!

And then, the icing on the cake! Rosie stitched up this gorgeous little fabric postcard! I love, love, love it! It depicts the canola in full bloom across the road from her. I framed it and it sits on the buffet in our dining room and I smile and think of Rosie every time I walk through the dining room...which is a lot because its in the center of our home.

I am truly touched by your generosity and thoughtful gift my friend.

I also won this amazing stack of fabric from darling Kelly over at Charming Chatter:

This must be the entire line of Wuthering Heights by Moda!  I'm reading the book too...hoe fun is that? Goodness, that is a lot of pretty fabric you sweet, darling Girl! I have a pattern simmering in my head, but I had to cut just a bit from it for my Granny Squares quilt right away...its perfect for that! Thank you so much!

I did not even realize that DD's microbiology books were there until I loaded the photo. Kelly did not send those. grin.

I love adding fabric from bloggy friends into my quilts. Makes them feel like a warm hug from across the miles. Y'all are just the neatest bunch! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to pop in here!


Denise :) said...

What fun, happy packages!!! I'm glad you had such sweet things to open up. Smiles!! :)

NaomiG said...

Aw fun! Love getting packages. Blogging friends are so cool :-)

Doniene said...

Lovely gifts from Australia!! I too recently received something from across the pond! Love the fabric!! Looking forward to your project in progress!!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Deanna said... many yummy treats! Enjoy your fabric and fun. And work on that Granny Square! I want to see one finished to motivate me to get started on mine. :)

Karin said...

Wow lots of pretty goodies you´ve received from Rosie. The stocking is so cute and the fabric even brought you back some memories. I also love using swapped fabrics or blocks for quilts. Have a great day!

codice sconto said...

It is one type of fun to stitch different fabrics with different colors.It look so wonderful.

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