Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Stitch or Two

Honestly, that's about all I accomplished this month. I did piece the star from the Made in Cherry Quilt Along, but I'm still waffling on background fabric. Just cannot find the piece that looks like it does in my head. I REALLY wanted to use something from my stash, but I'm afraid I'll have to resort to making a purchase. Sigh. I want something rustic and barn wood looking. I have this piece, but I'm not sold on it:

I'm thinking a piece of the sketch in Latte:

or this, which may be too dark...unless I add a black thin border to the star and then I could use the piece I have. The black border is a really good possibility right now. What do you think?

I also pieced the last block for my Western Many Scrappy Trips quilt!

All 110 are now stitched

 and ready to be squared and pieced into the top! I was cutting it close too. This is what the spool looked like when I finished:

I'm trying to sneak in one more small project this afternoon for the Christmas Through the Year project.

Have y'all heard of Darlene's project? She's challenging us to make one Christmas gift every month. Find a box or a spot to stash it all and in December you'll have 12...or more... handmade gifts ready to give and hopefully you won't be up stitching into the wee hours of Christmas morning. One can only hope. :)

She's also postinglots of ideas and tutorials and at the end of the month you can link up and see what everyone else has made. Thanks so much Darlene!

So I stitched up this kitchen towel this morning. I know some ranch wives that'll put this to good use!

Think I need to stitch up another one...for me! :)


Doniene said...

Hi Karin!! Lovely kitchen towel!! The blocks look great - what a nice accomplishment.

Have a blessed week!

Denise :) said...

I like that latte colored fabric -- very pretty...and I like the 'sketchy' look of it, too. I may have to add some of that to my stash. Your spool of thread (?!) cracked me up! Good to the last drop, so to speak! :)

NaomiG said...

I always feel so smug when I end with my thread like that. :-)

I LOVE the kitchen towel!! I need a few cute little projects like that to get my sewing bug back. Everything I do is too big for the time I have right now, and I'm getting nowhere. It's making me crazy!!

The many scrappy trips squares are amazing!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Nice finish, kitchen towels are always a welcome gift especially when embellished. Great scrappy blocks!

theona said...

Lovely! Love the fabrics, even if they are cowboy themed. lol I'd have to see it in person to be sure, but I think I like that first piece of fabric best. I like the idea of one gift a month. I think my challenge will be not giving them away before Christmas!!

Betty Lou said...

Like your towel--------will make a good Christmas present. Christmas Through the Year does get us motivated, doesn't it?

Cheryl said...

Love those fabrics and great job on your towel for the Christmas Club. We are so happy to have you join us!

Kathy said...

I like the 1st fabric and absolutely love ALL of your western quilts (especially since I love ALL things western). I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog tonight.....it gives me inspiration :) (I posted this once, so if you get 2 messages from me, just LOL!) Kathy

Donna Becker said...

What fun fabric choices for the quilt! As I ruminated (get it? get it?) over your question, it seemed like the fabric in the first photo works better if you want to maintain a set of fabrics that are mostly medium to dark tones. (The latte fabric seemed to have more gray in it compared to the other fabrics you already have.)
If you want to give the stars more pop, you could choose a fabric with just a bit more more contrast, maybe going to one that reads more like the light (cream?) color that's in the cowhide fabric. Either will look great.
Keep us posted, OK?

Staci said...

I've been wondering if you had gotten a moment to work on Made In Cherry. I love LOVE your version! A black border would be very striking, how clever of you to think of it. Will it work though? Those triangles a 43 inch cut twice on the diagonal. If you make the star larger, you might need to cut the background pieces differently. Of course, I am no help choosing a background. You've seen the mess I have had going!

Love Scrappy Trips! That is such a great block. That cowhide print cracks me up. 110! That is awesome!

codice sconto said...

This type of stitches on the different colors of fabrics is look so royal.I really like this fabrics.

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