Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Years ago (think close to 20), I first saw this saying at a Cracker Barrel when I was with a treasured friend and I knew it fit me. I love it and it has become quite applicable in my life. We made this move over 7 years ago kicking and screaming. Did NOT want to leave our beloved mountains. Then, when I had settled down, picked myself up, and stopped blocking the blessings that the Lord wanted to abundantly bestow upon us, I though of this: Bloom where you are planted, my child. Ah! What a difference!

So fast forward and I do mean FAST forward  6 years. I walk in the mornings at 6. This was the sunrise. I was actually late, at 6 it's already up this high:

 and I realized that even in the midst of this desperately parched land, there are beautiful things blooming:

Amidst the dirt:

And the rock:

And the prickly thorns:

And the dusty ground:

Amongst the spines:  

In the prickly places:

In the sweltering heat:

With little to no rain:

God can make things bloom:

That doesn't mean we're not praying for rain, but the blessings are there, in abundance if we'll just stop long  enough to accept them.

  And sometimes He throws in a little extra in for good measure: 


JessicaGC said...

Beautiful post :)

Doniene said...

Oh sweet friend!!! What a precious testimony of the faithfulness of God!! His creation is beyond compare and He brings beauty into our lives wherever we are! There is such peace in the vastness of the desert! Thank you for sharing this!!!


Deanna said...

Beautiful thought. I am forwarding it to my drought stricken parents.

Judy Laquidara said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

Linda in TX said...

My father taught me as a child to 'make the best of it' and 'always be self-sufficient'. "Bloom where you're planted" pretty much says it all. Contentment and happiness quickly follow if you just pay attention to to that phrase. Thanks for the post! It brought back many happ49y memories and reminded me to be grateful for each day.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Very good advice...I've always liked that saying too!

Great post~

p.s. how do I be a "reply" blogger????? help me ;)
i did click on the email me thing below...I'm soooo not saavy at this! lol

Bobbie said...

thanks for the reminder! God has a purpose for everything! :o) ps what was the critter?

Dar said...

Love your pictures. You are right, God's handiwork is every place. Thanks for sharing.

theona said...

Amazing, isn't it, how attitude changes everything? Beautiful pictures of how God's creativity is everywhere. Glad you posted this!

Saska said...

Yes, we have to get on with our life. Half of God's creations (wildflowers) sure make me sneeze tho!
I have always told the boys to find the good in things...we have to or life can sure get us down!

Alycia said...

Beautiful! Love the beauty in the midst of the drought - praying rain on you!!

Wonky Girl said...

I like your attitude. After being shuttled around by a military life I realized you do have to learn to make the best of what you have where you are. Sometimes it's hard ;)

JMF said...

Awesome pictures and a great attitude!!

Janet said...

So true Karin! We are watching our corn slowly die due to no rain. I was noticing all the wild flowers yesterday as my DH is obsessing about rain. We are praying for rain too, but I try to remember who is really in control. Beautiful fowers!

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