Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Must Sew Faster!

I have been making headway on my QOV and have the top pieced!

This is what 252 hsts look like:

My eyes are kind of crossed after working with all of those hsts, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every stitch. It measures  62x78 right now and I'm taking it to Jackie this afternoon. I wish like crazy I could quilt it and I wonder if she'd let me quilt on it.

A few days ago Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts posted this.

 Oh my! Can you say, made to order?! I printed it out so fast and started mulling over fabrics immediately. I would love some of that Riley Blake line, but I REALLY need to use something I already have so I pulled these:

And then I made the first block:

I really like it, but I wonder if I ought to use this linen print instead of the cream:

And I'm super excited to get the rest made now. So now I have officially added ANOTHER quilt to the list. Sigh.

Shelly, please slow down. I already have a Shelly box. She laughed when I told her that, but I think she doesn't really believe me. Proof:

I have stockings:

A wall hanging (tutorial here:

A pincushion (tutorial here):

AND a quilt to make:

 Someone please go sit on her for me.
Our kiddo just called and asked when her quilt would be finished. Yikes! I had better get started on that!


Deanna said...

Yes, Shelley is dangerous that way. You have to watch out for people like her. I hate to even mention it, but have you seen her cowboy hat pincushion?

Cheryl said...

Love your quilt......yes, must sew faster, that's what I say too, and more hours in the day please. Great post.

Shelly said...

You are so funny! Yeah, I kinda doubted about the Shelly box, but no more -- the proof is right there! You know, this year's stocking will be out soon . . . By the way, your QOV is absolutely stunningly gorgeous! Wow!

Doniene said...

Your QOV quilt is wonderful!! And The Three Rs!!!! WOW I don't need another project - but oh my - it is even made with stars!!! Well...


carol fun said...

Too funny - I feel your pain - I can't sew fast enough to keep up with all the projects that tempt me. That is a great quilt and it has your name written all over it!

Karin said...

I think you are already sewing in a superturbo speed. The top turned out great and I cant wait to see it quilted.
Oh I love the "The Three R´s" too and I already printed the tut. Thanks for the link! Sigh is there a place I can buy time???

Shelljo said...

Love, love, love the three R's quilt. And the one you pieced is adorable too.

Alycia said...

We were sisters - seperated at birth LOL - LOVE your QOV - and your new Shelley project!!!

When yours is done... I want to see it over a cow LOL!

JMF said...

Your QOV will bring some lucky person much comfort.
I printed off the instructions to the 3 Rs quilt I just love it now will I ever get it made is another question:)

Staci said...

What a fabulous Quilt! I love it!
and your new project is just the best!

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