Monday, June 18, 2012

The Qwikrete Workout and a Photo for Judy

Around here it's hard to make plans and I learned long ago to fly by the seat of my pants. I try to be ready for whatever may come my way. Last week was one of those weeks. It started out with DH asking me one morning, "Could you please help me today?" He pulled things together in the morning and I went out to work in the yard. I wasn't paying too much attention and I jumped a little when this came into view:

That just looks an awful lot like a crocodile to me! The other day, Judy, over at Patchwork Times posted about finding a giant turtle in her yard here and I knew I had to share this with her. Knowing how afeared I am of snakes, my heart jumped a little. Yes, I know that the chances of finding a crocodile in the middle of the desert, in the midst of a drought, are slim to none, but all I saw was a gaping mouth. I had to take the picture to share with our son. He'll get a kick out of it.

 It was the afternoon before we headed out with this:

And this:

It was 18 miles to our destination and a might warm:

Off the beaten path:

DH cleared a path:

assessed the situation and  backed the truck into place:

He rigged up the contraption for me to drag our monster tire to the perfect spot because once it fell, it was not going anywhere.

I'll bet it weighs a ton and we needed it to be perfectly balanced and centered in order to plumb everything together.

Then the fun began:

These sacks weigh 80 lbs apiece and there are 40 of them. Let's just say I have a bone to pick with the     Quickrete people. Do you HAVE to make these 80 lbs?

I drug 34 of them off the truck to DH, about 10 feet away, where he poured and mixed. He carried the first 6 like they weighed no more than a small sack of potatoes.

It didn't help matters when he kept flinging comments like, "Come on sweet thing! You can do it!" and "Heave-Ho!"
That just got me laughing which in turn, made it harder to carry the rotten things.

Thankfully we finished the job. The cattle now have another source of cool water and I am thinking that I deserve a nap after that workout.


carol fun said...

WOW!! Now that's what I'd call an extreme workout! I've found as I've gotten older I seek out the potting soil, compost, gravel etc in as small a bag as possible. However that does meme for more trips from the car to the garden so I'm not sure that I'm coming out ahead. Oh well hope you're doing fine.l think a nap would be mandatory but some how I bet it didn't happen. Take care!

Saska said...

that's not a's called being the hired-hand! I quit picking up those heavy sacks a long time ago.
My DH wears those long denim sleeved shirts too. They are SO blessed hot to me!

Shelljo said...

What is is with cow men who think tires make the BEST tanks? Although your "tank" is bigger than the one we have...

Doniene said...

The absolutely best water trough ever!! We love them!! I agree - 80 pound bags are a bit much - but keeps us fit without having to spend any $$ for a gym membership!!! LOL (Only you would get a kick out of that!!

Praying for rain for ya'll!!

Karin said...

I didnt know that you keep crocodiles too :D wow this piece of wood really looks like one.

Yep this is defently an extreme workout! I´ve never seen old tires used as a water tank before.

JudyL said...

I saw this picture while cooking dinner and had to run find Vince to show him. He said it looked a whole lot more like a croc than my stump did a turtle! :)

JudyL said...

And, I forgot to say . . seeing your land pictures makes me feel like I live in a city! That's a whole lot of wide, open space!

Staci said...

Were you a mass of sore muscles after this crazy work out???

Shelly said...

I get invited on those workouts around here all the time, too. Don't you just love it when a cowboy says "Could you give me a hand today?" I've learned to take ibuprofen before we ever leave!

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