Monday, August 13, 2012

My Long Overdue Chicken Post

So back in the spring, I had a made a little comment to Carol of the The Polka Dot Chicken, that I would name a chicken in her honor, when I got my chickens. I would name the sweetest, most charming chicken after her. She told her son and he made some funny remark about how I should really choose the orneriest chicken. LOL.

So the chickens arrived and they were treated like royalty. Their every need was met. They were warm and dry

And hungry:

They played king of the mountain:

And went to sleep with full tummies, falling in a heap:

It did this newly empty nester's  heart good to hear the pitter patter of little feet again...even if it was only chicken feet. :)

And I observed in order to determine just who would be crowned Queen Carol. It really became quite obvious early on. There was one little darling chicken and she had this little X right on the top of her head. Try as I might, I could not get a really good picture, but I KNEW that SHE had to be Carol because Carol is a master cross-stitch queen! (Really! Go over and just look at the beauties she stitched up!) It was destined to be!

Here's she's  a bit disgruntled at those big, rough hands who are cradling her so gently:

So Carol and the other chicks grew and finally left the brooder for the big world of the Coop.

They huddled in the blue container, unsure of their new surroundings. but it wasn't long before they began exploring. Each morning I eagerly headed to the Coop to open the door and each night I shut them in. All was well in chicken land.

Warning...stop at that last sentence if you do not want to hear a sad tale. This is really the reason I haven't posted about my chickens yet. One sad morning, I went out and found 2 chickens missing and 13 lying dead. I was devastated. Yes, they are just chickens, but I was quite attached to them. I had a dining room filled with cowboys and I came in close to tears. Had those cowboys not been there, I would have been bawling. DH later assessed the situation and found a 2" place under the door going into the chicken yard where something had dragged chickens out. I brought the last 5 remaining chickens into the house and he set a trap. The next morning he had a very fat skunk in said trap.

I hauled 2 truck loads of big rock (who needs to go to the gym) in from down the road and reinforced the Coop.

The good news is that my 5 chickens are fat and sassy and Carol was spared! So maybe her son is right. Maybe underneath all of that sweet, charm there is a bit of orneriness and that is what saved her! Expecting the first egg any day now!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

What a cute, but yet sad story. Very pretty chickens. Told my husband when we move I want some chickens, he told me no. But I always get what I want so, we will see. What is that red stuff they are eating? I know nothing about chickens yet.

Kristie said...

Oh Karin, I hate that you lost so many chickens. I know it is hard because I am attached to every farm animal that we have. Giggle...I named my chickens after the characters on Gone With the Wind. :) Anyway, I only have 6 hens and 1 rooster but I get 3 - 3.5 dozen of eggs a week. Plenty for us and my mom to use. I also just love watching them. Hunter usually collects my eggs and he loves them.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Dorian said...

Oh Karin, how sad! I'm sorry you lost some chickens, but happy that queen Carol made it :)We have been wanting to get more chickens for the longest time, and just haven't gotten it together to do so yet. Enjoy!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I think this is a sad/funny story. Can it be both???{grin}

Yea Queen Carol made it!

Judy Laquidara said...

Karin, I knew your heart was so broken to find that scene. That's just awful but I'm so glad five, including Carol, were spared.

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness, I got tears in my eyes. I'm glad Carol was spared by the big bad skunk but I am sorry he feasted on the others. Meany!!!!

My grandmother used to name her chickens after people who did her wrong. They were usually the first to ...... well you know! LOL

carol fun said...

Oh my goodness - what a sad yet sweet story! I would have been devastated to find so many of the flock had met an untimely demise - you deserved a good cry! Yep, I'll bet Carol was just too ornery - she was probably giving that old skunk a real piece of her mind - LOL! I hope that Carol turns out to be a good layer - it looks like your flock is enjoying its sweet treat. I know you take very good care of them. -- Thanks for the honor of having a chicken namesake! It touches my heart!

Denise :) said...

Oh Karin ... I'm so, so sorry you had to find such a sad scene. Stinking skunk. Both figuratively *and* literally. Glad Carol is a tough old bird!! Can't wait to hear about your first haul of fresh eggs!!! :)

Jo said...

I can relate. Once our old hens got through the fence into the pen where our meat maker chicks were. They killed 20 of sad.

We had pretty good luck with our chicks this year which I am thankful for. I do know that we need to butcher some of the old hens....that's kinda sad too. I get a bit attached.

Staci said...

Wow! I had no idea that skunks were carnivorous! You blog is quite educational.

I am glad to know why the chicken is named Carol, too!

Hope the survivors thrive and produce loads of eggs.

Karin said...

I´m so sorry about your little baby chickens but I´m als happy for those five who have survived the skunk-attack. We pretty much had the same scene with ten gosling this year. So sad :(

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