Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Contender?

Yesterday DH and I headed back to Texas for yet another trip to the packers. That has got to be an awfully depressing place to work. We also had to pick up a trailer and drop off another one and then we scooted a few miles out of our way to whisk college girl away from her beakers and test tubes for lunch.

We were only about 7 miles from the house, but still on the ranch, when we ran across a bull lumbering along the road. A bull, but not our bull. In fact this particular bull had made his way to our ranch on two previous occasions and he has been put back on his own turf. Now we like to think that we're a neighborly bunch, but rouge bulls do not good company make.

So DH called our ranch hand and told him that once again, he would have to come gather the rascal back up. This time DH told Jake to take him to the headquarters pens and DH called the owner and told him we had his bull at the house.

 So we are away all day and pull up in the evening to a set of empty pens. The owner of the bull pulls in behind us to load his bull who is nowhere to be found. LOL.

 DH calls Jake to get the story and Jake says he did put the bull in the pen. Sigh. The ornery thing jumped the fence and took off for the hills. DH told the owner that he would gather him back up again in the morning and bring him in again.

  So he and Jake ride the pasture this morning and find no sign of the bull. They ride into the next pasture and find him happily tiptoeing through the mesquite in that pasture, perfectly content. So they drive him BACK to the pens and put him in this pen. Are you lookin' at ME?

Stinker. I'm fairly certain the boys came up with other names for him. :) See, here he is building up speed for his next great escape:

Sorry fella. You're outta luck!

 Hopefully the owner will come haul him away today...preferably to the sale barn...or the packer! So that is my story of the cow bull that jumped over the moon fence!

Think I can get him to London in time?


Kristie said...

Wow! Isn't it weird how something so big can jump a fence like that? Richard used to bullride and it always made me so nervous, I begged him to quit and finally he did. I was always afraid that one of those big things would come down on him.

I had to laugh when I read you post because my sister just lives about a mile down the road from me and every evening this past week she has had a big Scottish Highlander bull in her back yard laying under a tree. LOL! He belongs to the neighbor on the farm on the other side of her and he keeps getting out.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day.

Doniene said...

Ah, life on the ranch! Not my favorite thing to do - get in neighbors bulls! Or our rouge bulls either!! Where in Texas? Mike wants to know! If it is San Angelo - you need to call and we'll meet for lunch!! Except yesterday, we were dayworking - pairing out pairs that got mixed up - done by 1:00 and only 98 degrees!


theona said...

I was wondering if maybe he had a crush on one of your lady cows!

Wonky Girl said...

My goodness. I've had horses all my life but know nothing about bulls. Except that the TW gelding I ride now is afraid of cattle LOL! Our house now is on "open range" because land seller kept grazing rights. There was always a big black bull on property across from us and I was afraid to ride near it because it had lady cow friends. Now the last few years people have built homes and fenced off the land so cattle people shut the gate from BLM land. No more free roaming cattle.

Staci said...

Wow! I never would have believe that huge animal could jump a fence! And oh, does he look mean! I wouldn't want to run into him ever! Hope he's gone back to his owner or somewhere far from you!

Karin said...

A sporty bull and in very good shape! I´m thankful that I wont find nothing bigger then a hedge hog in my garden lol!

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